• Thanks To Santa, Tablets And E-Readers Are (Almost) Everywhere

    Thanks To Santa, Tablets And E-Readers Are (Almost) Everywhere

    Ownership of tablets and e-book readers saw a big spike over the holidays — in fact, it nearly doubled in the United States, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. The study was based on telephone surveys conducted in mid-December and January, which found that ownership of both device types nearly doubled in just a month. Now a… Read More

  • Kindle DX Gets Temporary Price Cut – But How Long Can This Jumbo E-Reader Last?

    Kindle DX Gets Temporary Price Cut – But How Long Can This Jumbo E-Reader Last?

    Amazon’s extra-large Kindle DX is available this weekend (which is to say for the next few hours) for the low, low price of $259, down from its normal $379. It’s telling that even the lowered price still seems ridiculously high, considering that smaller but more advanced models are selling for under $100. How long can this outlier live in a world dominated by cheap, pocketable… Read More

  • Kobo Touch With Offers Drops E-Reader’s Price To $99, Nook Going For $79 On Black Friday

    Kobo Touch With Offers Drops E-Reader’s Price To $99, Nook Going For $79 On Black Friday

    If you were thinking of laying out the cash for one of the new touch-based e-readers, now would be a good time. Kobo is dropping the price of its Touch e-reader device, which I reviewed here, to $99 if you’re willing to see ads when the device is sleeping. That puts it at the same price as the Nook and Kindle – except the Nook is getting a special price this Friday. Read More

  • Will The Next Wave Of E-Paper Devices Have Glowing Screens?

    Will The Next Wave Of E-Paper Devices Have Glowing Screens?

    Depending on who you talk to, the fact that you need a light to read e-paper-based e-readers like the Kindle is either a strength or a weakness. It’s become part of the branding, after all: “just like real paper!” But with increasing competition from LCD-based devices, it might be that E-Ink and its many clients will need to level the playing field. How about a… Read More

  • Amazon Throws A Minor Curveball With HTML5-Powered Kindle Format 8

    Amazon Throws A Minor Curveball With HTML5-Powered Kindle Format 8

    Amazon has announced an update to the Kindle file format integrating many HTML5 tags and CSS attributes. Many expected a concession by Amazon in the form of an EPUB-compatible upgrade, and this comes as a slight surprise — but it’s a natural evolution of the format, really, and of course everyone is already familiar with the toolset. In a way this makes Kindle formatted books… Read More

  • Kobo Pits Its Vox Against The Fire And Nook As First “Social” E-Reader

    Kobo Pits Its Vox Against The Fire And Nook As First “Social” E-Reader

    The increasing socialification (as opposed to socialization) of our everyday activities is food for thought. What is it that makes people want to share everything about every activity? Reading especially, to me, has always been more of an escape from the social sphere. Except for on the rare occasions on which I have had to read out loud, books are a way to completely disengage from the… Read More

  • Cybook Odyssey E-Reader Shows Arrives With Touchscreen, Web Navigation

    Cybook Odyssey E-Reader Shows Arrives With Touchscreen, Web Navigation

    This probably won’t affect the e-reader wars over here in the states much, but I can’t say no to a handsome device like this. And when they put Homer on the screen as well, that’s just icing on the cake. The Cybook Odyssey, from French e-reader maker Bookeen, has a trick or two up its sleeve that I hope our US devices will learn one day. Read More

  • Amazon Fires $199, 7-Inch Tablet At Apple

    Amazon Fires $199, 7-Inch Tablet At Apple

    Amazon’s not-so-secret project is finally unveiled and is the company’s first real tablet contender. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s prize fighter in the battle for tablet dominance. But the new LCD-equipped Kindle isn’t in the corner alone. Amazon also took the wraps off of two new, more-traditional Kindles, including a $99 touchscreen model and a stripped-down $79… Read More

  • Amazon’s Small Gamble

    Amazon’s Small Gamble

    The news that Amazon’s tablet was real was a great scoop, but not quite a shock to the industry. Bezos all but confirmed it months ago, and supply-line leaks had it coming in late summer, which was optimistic but not far off; the Fire will be arriving on Wednesday. One question I always had, though, was how Amazon would justify putting out this device when they’ve spent so long… Read More

  • Microsoft Reader E-Book System Comes To Its Conclusion

    Microsoft Reader E-Book System Comes To Its Conclusion

    Microsoft is officially putting their MS Reader system to bed. First made available in 2000, before e-ink readers were more than a twinkle in some materials researcher’s eye, the application was intended for the consumption of e-books on LCD screens, using Microsoft’s ClearType font smoothing and a relatively compact, familiar format. The .lit filetype and Reader application have… Read More

  • Pew: Adoption Of E-Readers Doubles In 6 Months, Bigger Than Tablets

    A new Pew research survey of U.S. adults conducted in May, 2011 shows that ownership of electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle or The Barnes & Noble Nook is now at 12 percent. The ownership of e-readers doubled from six months prior when it was 6 percent. The adoption of e-readers continues to outpace tablets such as the iPad and Motorola Xoom. Only 8 percent of respondents said… Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: A Kobo eReader Touch (And Some Gift Cards)

    Update: It’s over! Congrats to all the winners – emails have been sent. Thanks for entering, everyone, your bookcases are all very interesting. If you’re curious about the new generation of touchable e-readers, now’s your chance to pick one up just for being a CrunchGear reader. Kobo has been generous enough to donate one of their new eReader Touch Editions for us to… Read More

  • Review: Kobo eReader Touch Edition

    Short version: Superficially similar to the new Nook, but the Kobo is perhaps even simpler, and the form factor is slightly more book-like. If you don’t need 3G or the other perks of the Kindle ecosystem, and just want a straightforward e-book reading device, this Kobo could be a good match. Read More

  • New Nook Gets Early Availability

    We just posted our hands-on with the new touchscreen Nook e-reader, and we’ll have a full review in a couple days — but if you can’t wait (or don’t care what we think), B&N has actually started selling the things ahead of schedule. Pre-orders have shipped, online orders are shipping now, and devices will be in-store on Thursday and in stock on Monday. Thinking… Read More

  • Kobo Touch Vs. New Nook In Specs

    We’ll soon have both of these new e-reader devices for review, but a quick comparison seems in order since they’re so similar on paper. Both are going to be available in early June, and both promise a frills-free touchable reading experience. How do they differ? Let’s run down the specs and see what happens. Read More

  • Amazon, Please Do Not Make The Kindle Touchscreen

    I’m a big fan of my Kindle DX. It’s literally my favorite gadget. I love the form factor, the large screen, the relatively good battery life and the keyboard. Amazon could eliminate any of those items and my love would still be just as strong. The Kindle DX is perfect in my eyes. It’s so perfect that just the thought of Amazon ditching the buttons in favor of a touchscreen… Read More

  • Kobo Introduces New Touchscreen E-Reader, Drops Original Model To $100

    Kobo launched as a Borders-based alternative to the Kindle hegemony, and while their e-reader was perfectly decent, I wouldn’t say it was feature-competitive with Amazon’s latest. They’ve announced today a new device that may not match the Kindle (or its rumored tablet successor) on all fronts, but it’s at least distinct and definitely worth looking at. Yes, a… Read More

  • Sony's New Color E-Paper Screen Shows That We're Not Quite There Yet

    There’s no denying that the latest cool displays are making important advances. But that doesn’t mean they’re quite ready for prime time. Take the flexible, 13.3″ color e-paper being shown by Sony over at SID right now. Without a doubt it’s cool stuff, but be honest — would you buy something using it? Not just yet. Read More

  • Readius Foldable E-Reader To Be Resurrected

    Remember the Readius, an e-reader with a foldable screen? Vaguely? The last we heard of this device was back in 2008, so we were pretty sure it was kaput, but apparently the company has been bought and the project funded. The device may actually live to see daylight! Read More

  • New Nook Incoming? Barnes And Noble Sure Thinks So

    This is a bit odd: I don’t recall anyone leaking any new devices via SEC filings before. I’m know it’s happened in financial reports and so on. But this little document is pretty clear: “In a meeting with investor analysts on May 4, 2011, Barnes & Noble, Inc. (the “Company”) indicated it expects to make an announcement on May 24, 2011 regarding the launch… Read More