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JetBlue in-flight Wi-Fi service gets Gmail, Exchange

Hot off the travel-related press, is news that Jet Blue’s in-flight Wi-Fi service has added support for checking more e-mail accounts than just Yahoo! Mail and BlackBerry Mail, which were previo

Happy belated 30th birthday, Spam

According to the Washington Post, yesterday marked thirty years since the first spam message was sent out. Computer salesman Gary Thuerk was kind enough to grace Arpanet users with the following on Ma

Fake GTA IV offers account for 50 percent of today's spam

Disappointed because you didn’t pre-order GTA IV and now can’t play it like everyone else? Even if that’s the case, don’t fall victim to e-mail hoaxes that, according to spam f

Australia doesn't care about your privacy

The Australian government has proposed legislation that would allow employers to spy on their employees’ e-mail and IM conversations in order to prevent terrorism. The legislation was spurred by

Yet another outage hits BlackBerry: Smart to depend so heavily on RIM?

[photopress:blackberryoutage.jpg,full,center] What’s up with RIM? What’s up with BlackBerry? And how wise is it to rely so much on the device? BlackBerry service went out yesterday for sev

Scambaiting at its finest: Tricking Nigerian scammers into rewriting an entire Harry Potter book by hand

Wow. Nothing better than seeing a scammer get scammed. There have been some pretty ingenious scambaiting techniques throughout the ages, but getting a scammer to rewrite all 293 pages of Harry Potter

Don't delete your inappropriate corporate e-mail or you'll establish motive

Ever send an e-mail on your corporate account that you regret sending? Ever think that deleting it from your local folder or from the server will save you from Legal’s wrath? Don’t. Appare

Yet another claim that e-mail is dead

“E-mail is so dead,” said the Slate writer, “that I have to tell the world how old I feel.” Seemingly every other day, we read studies suggesting that e-mail is dying, not with

New Yahoo! Mail Adds Text Messaging Feature

Before Gmail came along, I used an innovative e-mail service called Oddpost which, back in 2002 when it was released, was one of the coolest applications of JavaScript this side of the Rio Grande

Qantas Upgrades Fleet, Now Includes Power and Wi-Fi

If the domestic U.S. airlines were as forward thinking as Qantas, we’d be so much better off. At least the geeks would be. Sure you can use SeatGuru to find out which seats have outlets or pull out

SMS, She Is Dying

Research firm Gartner is predicting that SMS will become obsolete or at the very least become insignificant by 2010. Duh. The report may only apply in Australia, but it isn’t very hard to see the co

Helio Launches Mail For Microsoft Exchange Beta

Oh happy day! Helio officially released Mail for MS Exchange last night into beta, so all the business-user-haters can quit their griping. All Ocean owners with an All-in account will be privy to the

E-mail is Dead to Kids, Use Social Networks Instead

Kids don’t use e-mail to communicate with each other. Not socially, at least. See, kids today are all about the Facebook (so are we) and the MySpace when they need to send longish messages to ea

Gmail Needs Foreign Character Filtering

DownloadSquad brings up an excellent point regarding the filtering abilities found in Gmail. While Gmail does one of the best jobs of filtering junk and spam e-mail, a lot of the time spam littered wi

Analyst Says iPhone May Have Learning Curve

10 days is all you have left until you can pick up a sweet, juicy iPhone from your local AT&T shop. But before picking it up, you may want to hear American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu&#821

FBI Protects America By Fighting Zombies

As part of Operation Bot Roast (good god, guys, really?), the FBI has contacted more than one million people, telling them their PCs have been zombified. Someone at the Bureau is wise to the intricate

Gmail Ups Attachment Size Limit

One of the reasons why e-mail still drives me nuts sometimes is the limit on file-attachment size. You’d think a service like Gmail would allow unlimited attachments right off the bat, right? We

Turn Any Cellphone Into an E-Mail Checking, BlackBerry Wannabe

The New York Times rightly recognizes that not everyone wants to look like a zero, whipping out a BlackBerry every 27 seconds to check their e-mail. That said, who wouldn’t want to periodically

Mozilla Launches Thunderbird 2.0: Please Stop Ignoring It

Plenty of us use Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser, but how many of you use Thunderbird, the company’s e-mail application? If you don’t, now would be a good time to give her a test drive

T-Mobile to Unveil the Sidekick ID: Slimmed Down SK3

Over the past few months, rumors of a “Sidekick 2.5” were flying about. I took notice and after a few weeks, checked with some of my sources to confirm. Sure enough, a “Sidekick 2.5&