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  • Yota To Mass Produce E-ink Phone In Singapore

    Yota To Mass Produce E-ink Phone In Singapore

    Russian phone maker Yota Devices will start making its first dual-screen e-ink YotaPhones in Singapore. The company has signed with Hi-P, a manufacturer in the country, to have it mass-produce the devices. Yota’s COO, Lau Geckler, told us that he is also in Singapore to help set up Yota’s Asian sales office and the company’s second R&D facility. Its original R&D center… Read More

  • Welcome To The Future: Polymer Vision Demos SVGA Rollable Screen

    This 6-inch screen displays black and white e-ink text and images at 800×600 pixels and can roll around a tube the circumference of a dime. If this isn’t the future of print, I don’t know what is. Designed and manufactured by Polymer Vision, the screen can be rolled and unrolled 25,000 times. The question, obviously, is why would you need a rollable display? Well, as… Read More

  • Epson And E Ink Show 9.7-Inch ePaper With 2,400 x 1,650 Resolution

    Electronic paper as a technology somehow evolves relatively slowly, but it evolves. Today Epson and E Ink announced they have co-developed a new ePaper display that’s sized at 9.68 inches and boasts 2,400 x 1,650/300 dpi quality. By way of comparison: the Kindle DX (9.7 inches) comes with 1,200 x 824 pixel resolution at 150 ppi. Read More

  • E Ink Shows Off More Flexible, Crunchable Screens

    It seems like everybody and their dog is trying to get a flexible display out there. TDK, Sony, LG, HP, and most recently Bridgestone are all going nuts trying to make this happen E Ink is no exception, and although they’re not planning on putting out a successor to their Pearl screen this year, they aren’t standing still, either. Check out these videos. Read More

  • Phosphor World Time Watch Full Review

    Phosphor watches can be credited with a very special honor. That being of the brand the officially popularized and mainstreamed e-ink watches. While they didn’t invent the concept, they made them cool enough and affordable enough for mainstream adoption. With prices under $200, now everyone can have a neat looking, easy to read e-ink watch on their wrist. The newer World Time watch adds… Read More

  • Study May Lead To Actual Paper E-Paper

    Let’s not get too excited just yet, but a study performed by Dr. Andrew Steckl at the University of Cincinatti’s Nanolab has shown that electrowetting (the process by which current e-ink displays work) works just as well with a paper substrate as a glass one. The implications are… far off at the moment. But still cool. Read More

  • Seiko E-Ink Watch Now Available For Pre-Order In Japan

    If you’ve been looking to slap a little E-Ink on your wrist and didn’t want to go the Phosphor route, Seiko has the watch for you. The Seiko E-Ink watch is essentially a high-tech LCD watch using E-Ink as the display medium, thereby reducing battery drain. Read More

  • E Ink's Color "Triton" E-Paper Screens Make Their Debut

    We all knew this was coming, though whether the first to market would be the frontrunner, E Ink, or one of its competitors, has always been up in the air. Other color e-paper technologies have been bumbling along for years; Fujitsu’s FLEPia jumped the gun on color e-readers way back in 2008, and technologies from Ricoh and Qualcomm might easily have taken the lead. But for now, it appears… Read More

  • Review: Phosphor's E-Ink World Time Watch

    I’m not a big fan of gimmick watches. While I love that guys like Tokyoflash are pushing design forward when it comes to wrist wear, I worry that much of their work is too esoteric and could alienate some potential watch nerds with their complexity. The biggest problem, I feel, is that on the low end the watch world is separated, like computer RPGs, into two two camps – the… Read More

  • Sony Makes Their Entry Into The "Flexible E-Paper" Party

    Sony joins LG, HP, and… themselves (just noticed that) in the race to put out a decent flexible display. This one, being shown at a dealer convention, is an e-ink based display with a plastic substrate, allowing it to be flexed and possibly rolled. I’m guessing that picture pretty much shows the limit of its flexibility, though. Can’t wait till you can write on one of… Read More

  • Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch Hands-On

    The digital watch is back. Seiko’s new Active Matrix EPD watch will get you excited about non analog quartz timepieces once again. Digital has been here all along you say? Yea, that is true, but no self-respecting watch lover would wear one unless doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, or engaging in some other highly pedestrian activity. Go to any country that is “watch… Read More

  • Seiko Shows World's First Active Matrix E-Ink Watch

    We first blogged about it back in April this year, and now it’s here: the world’s first world’s first watch with an active matrix e-ink system. Developed by Seiko, the “Active Matrix EPD” watch [PDF] crams a total of 72,000 pixels into a 2x3cm display. Read More

  • Kindle Versus Kindle: Kindle 2 And 3 Screens Compared

    If you doubt the efficacy of the new Pearl e-ink displays, take a look at these comparison photos. It looks like a pretty serious difference to me, although we’re still talking dark grey on light grey as opposed to black and white. I didn’t alter the pictures other than cropping them; take this comparison with a grain of salt, as it’s not exactly scientific. Read More

  • LG Prepping 9.7" Color E-Ink Displays And 19" Grayscale Ones For Market

    E-ink, you are everywhere already. But LG wants you even more everywhere. So they’re putting more effort into the production of bigger, better E-paper displays. They’re showing off a couple new models, though nothing radical. Still, a 9.7″ color E-ink display and a gigantic, flexible tabloid-sized one? Sign me up. Read More

  • Hands-On First Impressions: Amazon Kindle 3

    In my hands right now, ladies and gentlemen? The latest version of the Amazon Kindle, known colloquially as the Kindle 3. Here’s what’s what. Read More

  • Sony's Upcoming Reader Refresh To Have Touchscreen E Ink Display

    Sony looks set to re-launch its presence in the e-reader space. (Is that an artificial enough sentence for you?) The company, which has clearly mastered PowerPoint, plans to release new e-readers with a new E Ink-developed display. And yes, that display will be a touchscreen display. Read More

  • Finding Nemoptic's place in the e-reader sea

    Right now, there is an e-paper display battle. The Kindle currently offers a display from E-Ink, a market leader known for using electrophoretic e-paper. The iPad uses an LED-backlight display soon to be OLED. There is also the new Pixel Qi’s with its amazing transflective LCD that may kill the E-Ink display used in the Kindle. Now next and new to the scene is a display from a company… Read More

  • Pearl 'pops': E Ink's next-generation technology display with 50 percent more contrast

    The real “winner” of the e-book wars is E Ink, the Mass.-based (it was spun off from a project at MIT) company that develops the technology behind the screens of all the top readers, including the Kindle and nook. If you’re holding a Kindle or a nook, congrats, you’re holding the same core technology: E Ink’s display. The company has announced that its… Read More

  • Full-color 13-inch e-paper "e-Magazine" looks-promising

    Yeah, “looks promising” doesn’t need a hyphen, but it just felt right. The device in question is a color e-paper tablet from Delta Electronics called the e-Magazine. Not the most creative name, but it gets the point across. It’s 13.1″ diagonally and weighs about 1.6 pounds (730 grams). The color is low-contrast, unfortunately, but e-paper is a moving target… Read More

  • EliteGroup E ink e-reader, now with WiMax!

    This video shows off EliteGroup’s new e-reader with large E ink display, a Marvell CPU, and 3G, Wi-Fi, and WiMax. It looks like a freaking monster – probably a full 8 1/2 x 11 screen. Read More