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CrunchGear designs its own Dyson attachment

We’re almost done, kiddies. This is what you’ve all been waiting for. I had a great time at Dyson learning about dust mites, chatting with James about the iPhone, watching him bash a DC24 and gett

Interview: James Dyson loves and hates on the iPhone, BlackBerry

While at Dyson HQ, I had the pleasure, once again, of interviewing the man himself. I had to ask what his thoughts were on the iPhone, and James’ answers were both entertaining and interesting.

Gallery: Dyson HQ

Today, I’ll be wrapping up everything Dyson from my trip to Malmesbury. You’ll never believe what James considers his favorite gadgets. I know you’re excited to see the prototype I designed. And

Video: Inside the Dyson Microbiology lab


Video: James Dyson runs his own durability test on a DC24


Rumor: Dyson working on a stand alone air purifier

http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-28441174614961743&hl=en&fs=true This is all based on conjecture, but I did ask a few of the engineers if they were working on an air purifier

Video: History of Dyson's upright vacuums