DxO buys the Nik Collection to save it from an untimely demise

Photographers can breathe easy knowing that a beloved tool will avoid dying a premature death. Google announced earlier this year that it would discontinue development for the Nik Collection software

DxO One update will add multi-camera Facebook Live streaming

The DxO One add-on camera accessory for iPhone really does get better with age; first, it gained remote Wi-Fi control, and now it’s announcingĀ support for Facebook Live streaming directly withi

DxO One iPhone camera gets Wi-Fi control, a waterproof case and more

For all the advances in smartphone photography, you still don’t really have a DSLR-quality camera in your pocket when you’re carrying one (not yet anyway). DxO’s One, a tiny little b

The DxO ONE Is A Plug-In iPhone Camera With A 1-Inch Sensor

Your iPhone camera is already one of the better mobile cameras available, but a new accessory from imaging technology leader DxO could up the iPhone’s game considerably. The Lightning-enabled Dx