• DXG's 3D pocket camcorder to come out in August, be expensive

    Remember that 3D camcorder DXG promised a couple months back? It wasn’t snake oil! Or at least, the promise wasn’t. The product almost certainly is. But at least we know it’s coming out. August 2010, baby. Quick! Buy a 3D TV to view this content on! Read More

  • DXG dresses up the camcorder, releases the Luxe Collection

    I’m taking a wild guess that these camcorders are not for the average CrunchGear reader. Right? But maybe our reader’s wifes/gfs/moms would appreciate them more. The DXG Luxe Collection is basically your average DXG HD camcorder styled after some designer handbag. I mean, they aren’t bad cameras as they can record up to 8 hours of 720p video on a 16GB card, and snap 8 MP photos. Read More

  • Geotate, DXG boast world's first geotagging camcorder

    That up there is a photo of the world’s first—a modest claim—camcorder that has built-in geotagging. It’s the result of collaboration between Geotate and DXG, the former a geotagging specialist and the latter a video camera manufacturer. And geotagging, if you’re unfamiliar, is a process by which photos or video are automatically tagged with the location of… Read More

  • DXG's 567V HD camcorder could give the Flip a run for its money

    DXG, “the digital camera company,” has thrown its Cowboy hat into the increasingly crowded direct-to-YouTube video cameras space. Its 567V shoots video at 30 frames per second with a 1280×720 resolution. Pretty sure that’s above and beyond (n. the trance DJs) YouTube’s requirements, but here we are. All CMOS-captured, H.264-compressed video is recorded onto… Read More

  • Review: DXG DXG-566V HD camcorder

    There’s certainly no shortage of flash-based camcorders these days and the trend, happily, has been to improve the image quality of these inexpensive-yet-pocketable devices. I had the chance to try out a relatively affordable high definition camcorder recently; the $150 566V from DXG. Read More

  • DXG-569V HD camcorder announced, priced at $170

    DXG (yes, that DXG) has announced the 569V series of flash-based high definition camcorders. I’m currently playing with the 566V, which is similar to the 569V except that it’s shaped more like a conventional camcorder. I’ll have a review up soon. Anyway, the 569V is now available at Radio Shack and other fine retailers for just under $170. It records 30-frames per second… Read More