Quoth Dvorak: "Go to Craigslist and hire three programmers and an IT guy "

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/email4dummies.jpg" />John C. Dvorak rails against the LAPD's $7 million dollar email deal with Google. I agree that $7 million is a lot o

Fun with Twitter fakery: Dvorak versus Rupley

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AbWrCgA] I just got around to watching last Wednesday’s Cranky Geeks video podcast starring John C. Dvorak and Sebastian Rupley (plus a panel of guests that rotate e

Dvorak: HD DVD was just Microsoft messing with Sony

Oh John C. Dvorak, I could read your stuff all day long. And your weekly web show, Cranky Geeks, keeps me looking forward to Wednesdays now, if only to catch a fleeting glimpse of the crankiness that&

Dvorak drives a truck over the OLPC XO-1

Now with free carrying case. How did I miss this? One of our favorite curmudgeons, John C. Dvorak, hits the nail right on the head with his assessment of the OLPC — send $200 of rice to poor cou

Old Man Dvorak says 'the Google phone is doomed'

Every industry needs an old, crotchety curmudgeon. We have the always-entertaining John C. Dvorak who’s lately seemed to be slowly slipping into senility. That’s okay, though. That’s

NEWSFLASH: John C. Dvorak Negative About Something

Crotchety old crapapple John C. Dvorak is predicting that the whole Web 2.0 isn’t going to last. Of course it’s not going to last, guy. Nothing lasts forever…even cold November rain.

Dvorak Uses a Mac, Frogs Fall From the Sky Over Indiana, End of World Nigh

John C. Dvorak is tech commentator from when I was still running around in diapers. The man has literally been “blogging” in print since before most of use knew how to type “10 PRINT

Dvorak Wants Us All To Stop Worshiping the iPhone

“This is the last week of Apple iPhone hype, hyperbole, and hand-wringing…. Hitler got less coverage when he invaded Poland.” Good move, Dvorak. I mean, to a point I agree with your

Dvorak Sez iPhone Bat Dead in 40 Mins, Continues to Hit Magical Crack Pipe

Alright so, I’ve made no secret of my complete disenchantment of the iPhone. My primary reason for distaste is also because I think the battery is going to be entirely worthless. Nevertheless, s

Dvorak Hits Magical Crack Pipe, Says Apple Should Pull iPhone

That John C. Dvorak is up to it again. Making radical claims year after year until one of them actually hits and then he claims credit – real classy. Dvorak’s latest claim is that Apple sh