DVD burners

  • DVD burning speeds hit 24X

    If you’re like me, burning a DVD at 22X is like waiting for water to boil. My kingdom for a 24X DVD burner! That extra 2X would make all the difference in the world – or would it? Read More

  • Pioneer DVR-X162J: The dustproof DVD burner

    Put your seatbelt on for this one. Check out the Pioneer DVR-X162J [JP], an external DVD burner that’s enclosed in a dustproof shell. That is to say the external enclosure is dustproof, handy if you’re an Okie in 1936. Aside from its incredible dustproofing, the burner is your standard issue USB 2.0 little guy. Pioneer has outfitted it with something called Pure Read Technology… Read More

  • Two new Qflix-enabled DVD burners from Plextor

    We’ve reported on the Qflix service before – you’ll recall that it basically lets you download movies from the CinemaNow movie service and burn them onto blank DVDs as though they were actual, real-life, CSS-encoded DVDs like you’d find in a store. Such magical, whimsical, techo-wonderment is only possible by using special hardware found in participating DVD burners… Read More

  • Tiny DVD RW recorder from Freecom

    Here’s a tiny DVD burner from Freecom. It just plugs right into a USB of Firewire port and starts working right away — no wall outlet required and no drivers to install. It’ll handle blank DVD media of all flavors (including dual-layer and DVD-RAM) and it’s even got Lightscribe technology just in case you want to inscribe delicate and tender messages to everyone for… Read More

  • The great 22x DVD writer conspiracy

    So how fast is your DVD burner? Somewhere around 16-20x, no doubt, probably because OEM writers at those speeds cost less than $30. But is that the maximum? Hell no, fool. Samsung and LG already have 22x burners out there, but there is a conspiracy in place to keep you waiting that full five minutes for that DVD to burn, when you could be finished all of forty seconds faster. Vendors are… Read More

  • Canon takes the hassle out of burning Blu-ray discs

    Not that a lot of people even get the chance to have that hassle, but Canon’s always been a forward-looking company. These camera-to-disc recorders are nothing new; it’s been a way for mom and pop to put their DV footage onto DVDs for years, but this sucker is next generation. It takes regular MPEG-2 SD footage like the rest of ’em, but now it also takes HD in the form of… Read More