DVD burners

DVD burning speeds hit 24X

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/ihap424.jpg">If you’re like me, burning a DVD at 22X is like waiting for water to boil. My kingdom for a 24X DVD burner! That extra 2X

Pioneer DVR-X162J: The dustproof DVD burner

Put your seatbelt on for this one. Check out the Pioneer DVR-X162J [JP], an external DVD burner that’s enclosed in a dustproof shell. That is to say the external enclosure is dustproof, handy if

Two new Qflix-enabled DVD burners from Plextor

We’ve reported on the Qflix service before – you’ll recall that it basically lets you download movies from the CinemaNow movie service and burn them onto blank DVDs as though they were actual, r

Tiny DVD RW recorder from Freecom

Here’s a tiny DVD burner from Freecom. It just plugs right into a USB of Firewire port and starts working right away — no wall outlet required and no drivers to install. It’ll handle blank D

The great 22x DVD writer conspiracy

So how fast is your DVD burner? Somewhere around 16-20x, no doubt, probably because OEM writers at those speeds cost less than $30. But is that the maximum? Hell no, fool. Samsung and LG already have

Canon takes the hassle out of burning Blu-ray discs

Not that a lot of people even get the chance to have that hassle, but Canon’s always been a forward-looking company. These camera-to-disc recorders are nothing new; it’s been a way for mom