dvd burner

  • Panasonic Japan to release AVCHD-compatible, external DVD burner

    Panasonic Japan announced the VW-BN2 [JP] today, an external DVD burner that supports video recorded in the AVCHD format. The device allows you to burn your AVCHD video files directly from the camera (via USB 2.0) onto DVD. You can also use it to convert HD video quality into standard quality videos. Read More

  • For Gigashots, Toshiba external DVD burner has HDMI out

    [photopress:toshexdvdr.jpg,full,center] There isn’t much to say about this stand-alone Toshiba DVD burner. Ostensibly designed for use with the company’s Gigashot video cameras, the burner lets you take data from an external source and place it on standard DVD-Rs. That’s right, a DVD burner by any other name. As a bonus (I guess this is a bonus), it has HDMI, component… Read More

  • I-O Data Slim DVD Burner Announced

    Sometimes having an external DVD burner is a great idea. I mean think about it. What if that hot chick from math class comes over and she want’s a copy of American Pie 2 burned for her? You’d use your internal burner, except you cheaped out configuring your laptop and bought the combo drive. Bummer! What do you do? You fish out the lunch money you’ve saved up over the past… Read More