• HP dv2 being refreshed with new AMD Neo setup

    Don’t count AMD as being out. In response to the ever growing netbook/small laptop market, AMD has announced their new CPU “Congo”, along with putting it into the updated HP Dv2 which is coming out on June 10th. We liked the original Dv2 — however, adding a little more grunt to it with the improved AMD processor can only be a good thing. Read More

  • Review: HP Pavilion dv2 ultrathin notebook

    When HP and AMD pitched the idea of a laptop with price and capabilities between those of netbooks and regular notebooks, I was intrigued. Although many have been seduced by the netbook’s siren song, I’ve always been put off by their micro keyboards and tiny, low-res screens. Yet do I really need to lug my MacBook Pro everywhere I go when I’m just planning on editing a… Read More

  • HP's new external Blu-ray drive is sleek as hell

    The Blu-ray drive that will be coming with the HP dv2 “ultra-slim” notebook is looking really nice. It’s shiny, gorgeous, and incredibly thin. I thought I better get some pictures of this sexy accessory up so you guys know how HP rolls with this new stylish line of not-netbooks-but-not-notebooks. Click on through for a couple more pictures. Sexy time! Read More

  • HP's sleek Dv2 notebook now available

    We told you it was coming, and put our hands on it at CES, and now HP has released the Pavilion Dv2. Hitting that potential sweet spot between the netbook and normal high end laptops, this HP appears to have quite a bit going for it. Read More

  • CES 2009: Brief hands-on with HP's Dv2

    This thing just popped up on the radar yesterday, and I really liked the look of it. I saw it at the HP booth at Unveiled, and thought I’d take a quick video. They do a really good job of keeping the lighting nice and dim in the ballroom, so it should be blurry and orangey. Couple extra pictures, too. Read More