• Netherlands gets iPhone tariff info

    Dutch readers rejoice! T-Mobile.nl has released their tariff info for the iPhone 3G. I’m going to have you look above at the screen grab or head over to T-Mo.nl because my understanding of Dutch is fairly limited and “Houd mij op de hoogte” is what I said to a charming young lady in Amsterdam last year and she showed me that she was really a man. Needless to say I… Read More

  • Cover up that fugly satellite dish, thank the Dutch

    The Dutch want you to pimp out your satellite dish and I’m inclined to listen. Who doesn’t want a kitten sticker to brighten up that ugly grey dish? Seriously. If kittens aren’t your style then maybe tulips, stars, sunflowers or EU flags are up your alley. They even deliver to the US. Order now! Satellite Dish Sticker Read More

  • KPN CEO says iPhone stinks, still wants to sell it

    Head of KPN, Ad Scheepbouwer, was recently interviewed by the Financial Times and this is what he had to say about the iPhone. “I had one and I thought it was a pretty useless phone, to be quite honest,” he told the Financial Times. “The battery ran out in no time. I didn’t like the touch screen. “We’d be more than happy to sell it,” he added. Read More

  • Ghostbusters game preview, trailer

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1789742&fullscreen=1 Just wish I could understand Dutch. Read More

  • First Open-Source Car Unveiled

    The world’s first open-source car was unveiled this week at the AutoRAI show in Amsterdam. The c,mm,n (or “common”) was developed by three Dutch technical universities: Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede. The current model features a zero emission hydrogen-powered motor and it seats four (little people by the looks of it). All of the vehicle’s technical data and blueprints… Read More

  • Meet the Senz Stormproof Umbrella

    Umbrella tech hasn’t matured much in the last, I don’t know, ever, so it’s nice to see someone advancing the science. When it’s wet and drizzly, umbrellas are handy, to be sure. But if it’s blustery or stormy, they become useless, broken, and sometimes projectiles. This is no good. Senz has addressed the problem and constructed an umbrella that is meant to… Read More

  • Dutch Ditch Analog TV, Go Digital

    As of midnight Dutch time, whatever the hell that is, last night, analog television was discontinued in the Netherlands. The bandwidth formerly used by analog airwaves will now be put to use by Royal KPN NV for digital TV. As part of its agreement, KPN shouldered the cost of building the digital infrastructure and it must continue to broadcast three state-supported channels and a bunch of… Read More