• Sony presents extra-sturdy LCD TV (video)

    Sony Japan has announced the GXD-L65H1 today [JP], a 65-inch LCD TV that’s supposed to be extra-sturdy. The company hopes the rain- and dustproof TV (that fulfills the IP54 standard) will be used in rain stations and sports stadiums. Read More

  • Pioneer DVR-X162J: The dustproof DVD burner

    Put your seatbelt on for this one. Check out the Pioneer DVR-X162J [JP], an external DVD burner that’s enclosed in a dustproof shell. That is to say the external enclosure is dustproof, handy if you’re an Okie in 1936. Aside from its incredible dustproofing, the burner is your standard issue USB 2.0 little guy. Pioneer has outfitted it with something called Pure Read Technology… Read More