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  • Dragonlock Lets You Print Your Own RPG Dungeons

    Dragonlock Lets You Print Your Own RPG Dungeons

    Your party enters a darkened room. Candles flicker in the gloom and something is glinting along the far wall. Your thief enters first. Her dwarvish blade begins to glow. Danger is nearby! What will you do? Will you 3D print a wall section and snap it to a floor section? Or will your move a 3D-printed Beholder into the room? What about a pillar or stairs? What about a little wooden… Read More

  • What Games Are: Generation Gygax Crunch Network

    What Games Are: Generation Gygax

    There is probably no single game that has been so influential for a generation as Dungeons and Dragons. On this, its 40th anniversary, I find myself asking whether the long-term legacy of D&D is one that will endure for all time, or whether it’s a generational thing. Will the ideas that inspired my generation of designers translate for the next generation, or will they be left behind? Read More

  • Dungeons & Dragons Coming To iOS Later This Year As Wizards Of The Coast Teams Up With Playdek

    Dungeons & Dragons Coming To iOS Later This Year As Wizards Of The Coast Teams Up With Playdek

    A new partnership between mobile game publisher Playdek and Wizards of the Coast, famed creator of Magic: The Gathering and other tabletop games will bring Dungeons & Dragons to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later this year. Playdek will be developing officially sanctioned and licensed titles that bring various Wizards of the Coast tabletop experiences to iOS devices, with the first… Read More

  • Guy Puts First Printing Of Dungeons And Dragons Up On eBay

    If you know your D&D history then you know the first run was very small and the boxes were made by Gary Gygax with some friends in his basement. This guy, who goes under the name Eruantien, has decided to pay some bills and sell this beautiful piece of history up on eBay. Read More

  • Video: Much progress has been made on Dungeons and Dragons for Microsoft Surface

    Remember Dungeons & Dungeons for the Microsoft Surface? It looks to be coming along nicely. Read More

  • Video: Dungeons and Dragons on the Microsoft Surface

    One more quick video before I head out the door and battle the dumb crowds in dumb New York City. It’s Microsoft Surface, yes, but one where you play Dungeons and Dragons. Now, I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons so I really have no idea what this guy is talking about, but I can appreciate the tech behind it. Read More

  • D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson, dead at 61

    Another member of the team that created Dungeons & Dragons has passed, this time it’s co-creator Dave Arneson who finally ran out of hit points. Arneson was officially recognized in 1979 as the co-creator, after winning a legal battle. He is considered to be the one responsible for bringing “armor class” into the game, and for giving more of a sense of scale to the… Read More