Duke Nukem

  • It's time to settle lawsuits and chew bubble gum – and I'm all out of bubble gum

    Duke Nukem Forever, a title subject to more delays, controversies, and lawsuits than Rockstar’s notorious Grand Theft Baby, may finally see a release. Well, there’s actually no reason to think that will happen, except that now there’s nothing actively preventing its release — except, of course, the fact that the game was never finished. The lawsuits between Take Two and… Read More

  • A Duke Nuke Forever gameplay video for your Monday morning

    It’s sad, really, that we never got to play Duke Nukem Forever. I mean, it probably would have failed to live up to the hype just like Doom 3, but I like to think that it would have been fantastically entertaining. There really needs to be more FPS’s where egotistical protagonists spout out one-lines and catch phrases ad nauseum. [via Destructoid] Read More

  • Who killed Duke Nukem?

    All in all, this year had very little vapor (I know, I know, but that wasn’t vapor). In honor of this year of solidity, Wired wrote a nice article about Duke Nukem Forever, one of the vaporest of vaporgames. The article discusses how success, not failure, doomed the game to oblivion. It’s hard to understand how great this game was when it came out. Read More

  • Video: Duke Nukem's disease

    “Duke Nukem’s disease is a scary one, Gene brings you the story of the life of a First Person Shooter.” Enjoy your non-productive Friday. Read More

  • So Duke Nukem Forever is still in development, along with another Duke game

    I have never seen so many words used to described the goings-on of a near-dead video game developer and its near-dead video game. Only, maybe, nothing is dead at all?! I’m talking about, of course, 3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever. The big news: apparently 3D Realms/Apogee Ltd. is still working on DNF, but just barely, and is also working on another Duke Nukem game, to be published… Read More

  • Duke Nukem himself confirms that 3D Realms is done

    Joe Siegler, who had one line in DNII, confirmed last night that 3D Realms was done. It’s not a marketing thing. It’s true. I have nothing further to say at this time. Well, that’s that, I guess. Read More

  • Good idea, bad idea: Updating old games' textures for great justice?

    Here’s an interesting debate that’ll help kill the remaining Friday hours. When you take an old game, upgrade its textures, increase its resolution, and, generally speaking, make it look “better,” do you lose something in the process? Is the game that you played, (presumably) that you enjoyed, now worse for wear? Read More


    While it’s no Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem 3D has been been updated and will be available on XBox Live in September. Rumor has it that the new version will include co-op and multiplayer modes as well as an on-line score board. You could also just download it for your Mac/Linux box or PC, but you need those achievements, don’t you OCD boy. Read More

  • Duke Nukem trilogy coming to handheld platforms

    Ah, Duke Nukem. You bring me back to a simpler time. A time when you and Commander Keen were my two best digitally-rendered friends. You two, along with what’s-his-name from Wolfenstein 3D. According to Spong, Apogee Software is currently working on the Duke Nukem Trilogy, a trio of Duke Nukem-based games for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable. The games will be available… Read More

  • 3D Realms calls E3 ‘irrelevant,’ won't show Duke Nukem Forever there

    Mythological developer 3D Realms wants you all to know that work on Duke Nukem Forever continues at an acceptable pace. So acceptable, in fact, that its CEO Scott Miller used the phrase “seriously nicely” to describe progress. But it gets even better! The same Miller, when asked whether or not 3D Realms would be using this year’s “E3” to show off the game, laughed… Read More

  • Duke Nukem Forever footage! I felt the earth move!

    What are you doing reading this sentence? Link is down there! Skip to about 4:15 in the video in this link and watch about 30 seconds of footage. [via Shacknews] Read More

  • Vaporware 2007: The tech that should have been

    It’s the usual suspects; if you read last year’s list, you won’t be surprised by many of the contenders. And although it’s said every year, I really think we’ll see a lot of these things in 2008. I’m guessing the Optimus Keyboard will see a limited release, XP SP3 will be released now that the Vista rush (such as it was) is over, and even Spore and the… Read More

  • Some Company We've Never Heard Of Sues Apple Over iPhone Patent

    Maybe you’d like to know—or maybe you woudln’t?—that some no-name company is suing our Apple, claiming that the touch screen in its iPhone infringes upon one of its patents. The company, SP Technologies, which is the successor to Conglom-O, says that Apple “has infringed, and is now infringing” (ooh, how official sounding) on its patent for “method… Read More

  • Vaporware 2006

    Wired this morning released its annual vaporware list. It features several new entries from the likes of SED TVs, Will Wright, Skype and more. But, of course, what would a vaporware list be without the most vaporized product of all? That’s right, Duke Nukem Forever, the reigning king of vapor, returns for a record five total years in first place. Wired managed this comment from… Read More