duct tape

  • DIY: Build your own projector

    Proving once again that duct tape is capable of almost anything, here’s a little DIY project for you. It looks fairly simple to build your own projector, even if it’s not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Read More

  • DIY: Batman mask out of duct tape

    A wise man once said that anything could be fixed with a roll of duct tape and 6-pack of beer. Well, I added the last part but the first thing about the duct tape is more than true. In fact, duct tapeĀ aficionadosĀ can now hone their craft by making a Batman mask mostly out of the silver tape. Just don’t wear it out in public; you will look like a douche. Read More

  • 69 uses for Duct Tape

    I typically use duct tape to patch holes on my surfboards when traveling, tying people up or making wallets like the guys at db clay. Who knew there were 69 different techie uses for it. Check out the full list at Virtual Hosting. Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: db clay is gonna get you some play

    I was born and raised in the 503 and I make sure everyone knows about it. So it’s pretty obvious that I’m a treehugger because, well, Mother Nature never gets old like video games or stupid ass TV shows. But it seems the path we’ve chosen may lead to the deterioration of Mother Earth, which is a shame considering all she’s done for us. But I digress as I usually do… Read More