dual displays

  • Power TV: Toshiba Announces Battery-Powered LCD TVs

    Innovation in the TV space isn’t just about 3D these days. Toshiba today announced [press release in English] the so-called Power TV series, whose most interesting range (the PC1) consists of two devices. What’s special is that the PC1 Power TVs feature an integrated battery – a world’s first, according to Toshiba. Read More

  • New Sharp LCD controller allows dual displays on mobile devices with half-XGA resolution

    Mobile devices that feature dual displays with half-XGA (480 x 1,024) resolution each? According to Sharp, we can get cell phones, portable gaming consoles, and eBook readers with that feature soon, thanks to their new LR388G9 controller [press release in English]. The company says it boosted image processing speeds and built-in video memory from 16Mbits to 32Mbits with the new controller. Read More