dual core

  • Dual-core Atom chips now shipping from Intel

    These little netbooks that we hear about day in and day out are about to get a little zippier, thanks to Intel’s dual-core Atom chip – the 330 – shipping out to vendors. The September launch seems to coincide with what we’d heard earlier, so that’s good. The 45-nanometer Atom 330 chip will feature the same 1.6GHz bus speed as the single core model, will have 1MB… Read More

  • Dual-core Atom chip coming from Intel, new mobo too

    Intel’s got a dual-core Atom chip on the way, likely in September to dovetail with the release of a new motherboard that’s compatible with the CPU. The processor is called the 330 and, although the clock speed hasn’t yet been revealed, it does have a 533MHz frontside bus. The motherboard is called the D945GCLF2 and is a mini-ITX 945GC-based system with Intel’s… Read More

  • Intel delays dual-core Atom chips until September?

    About a month ago, we reported that Intel would begin production on a dual-core Atom chip in July. I said “Might as well just wait for the quad-core Atoms to come out in August, huh?” Nobody laughed at the joke and we all moved on. Now DigiTimes is reporting that production on these dual-core Atoms has been pushed back to September due to shortages of the single-core Atom chips. Read More

  • That didn't take long: Atom chips going dual-core

    DigiTimes is reporting that “Intel is planning to start the mass production of dual-core versions of its Atom processors in the second week of July, according to sources at PC makers.” The current Atom platform will be able to support the new chips via a simple BIOS upgrade, too, which is good news for manufacturers. Bad news for manufacturers, though, is that few people are going… Read More

  • Intel cuts prices, intros new Celerons and Core 2 Duos

    Remember the good old days of scouring Pricewatch.com to see who had the cheapest processors? You’d wait for Intel to release a new chip and watch the one it was replacing plummet to half its original cost, right? Ah, simpler times. Anyway, Intel’s been busy slashing prices and putting out new chips over the past couple of days, so let’s take a look at what’s what. Read More

  • First dual-core Celerons coming on January 20th

    Hey, the first dual-core Celeron processors are coming. How in the hell do you like that? Two cores?? Now I’ve seen it all. They’ll be here on January 20th. I hope it’s not too cold out that day because I’d hate to be shivering at the ribbon cutting or the inauguration or the parade or whatever’s going to be happening in Boston when these new dual-core Celeron… Read More

  • AMD To World: We've Got Your 65nm CPUs Right Here

    AMD is sticking to its promise to ship 65nm processors before the end of 2006. The more energy-efficient chips, code-named Brisbane, will be available in limited quantities as dual-core Athlon 64 X2 5000+, 4800+, 4400+ and 4000+ versions. These will be joined by more powerful 90nm models: 5400+ (2.8GHz, 1 MB L2 cache), 5600+ (2.8GHz, 2 MB L2 cache) and 6000+ (3GHz, 2 MB L2 cache). The… Read More