• DTS Surround Sound to be found in "virtually all" upcoming Samsung TVs

    Chances are that the next Samsung TV you’ll buy, if you buy a Samsung TV that is, will have DTS Surround Sound. The TV maker just signed an agreement with DTS that will place the magical sound decoders in “”virtually all Samsung digital televisions worldwide.” This is good. Read More

  • X-Tube: Hanwa's USB dongle makes PCs DTS-compatible

    Vacuum tubes are usually used in tube or valve amplifiers (electronic amplifiers) to boost the power of a signal. The technology has been around for decades, and vacuum tubes seem to be pretty enough for Hanwa Japan to announce [JP] the X-Tube today, a USB dongle that looks like one of those tubes and allows you to upgrade your computer with DTS sound. Read More

  • Happy DTS 7.1 Day, California

    California might be on the brink of financial ruin and Hollywood stars are dropping like flies, but at least today is DTS 7.1 Day in the State of California! (It’s July, 1st – get it?) Read More

  • CES 2008: XStreamHD teams with Seagate, DTS to stream HD video, audio to your TV

    [photopress:xstreamhd.jpg,full,center] A quickie update on XStreamHD, a new service that aims to bring high-def (1080p) content to your home using geosynchronous satellites and its own set-top receiver. The company has teamed with Seagate, which has had a big day already, and DTS to perfect its soon-to-begin service. Seagate’s in with its hard drives, from 1 to 2TB, and DTS will provide… Read More