• Embedded Serial Number Helps Photographer Find His Stolen Camera

    Embedded Serial Number Helps Photographer Find His Stolen Camera

    A photographer, John Heller, had $9,000 worth of gear stolen at a shoot in Hollywood. After giving up all hope of ever getting his Nikon D3 back, he checked with a site called GadgetTrak that scans Flickr and other image upload sites for photos matching the serial number of his DSLR. In a few seconds he had found shots with serial numbers matching his D3 belonging to a professional photographer. Read More

  • Transfer Super 8 To Digital… The Hard Way

    Three from James Miller on Vimeo. James Miller wanted to transfer this old Super 8 movie shot in 1979 to digital. Instead of, you know, using ready-made gear or services, he attached a mask to a Canon 5DMK2 and ran the film a frame at a time past the sensor, syncing the frames with the camera’s recording capabilities. The results are impressive, to be sure, but according to Miller the… Read More

  • "K-r BONNIE PINK MODEL": Yet Another Pentax DSLR Special Edition

    Pentax seems to have a sweet spot for digital cameras with funky designs, and this time it’s the Pentax K-r that will receive a limited edition treatment. Pentax today announced [JP] the so-called K-r BONNIE PINK MODEL”, a redesigned version of the camera, which was released last year. Read More

  • Nikon's New D7000 Focuses On The Enthusiast Market

    Looking for a DSLR that pretty much does it all? Say you need great low light performance, auto-focus while shooting HD video, and a new image processing system that gives you a 6 FPS burst speed for those action shots? Nikon’s got you covered with their latest DX format camera, the D7000. Read More

  • Canon Launches The EOS 60D, A Good Rebel T2i Replacement

    You might as well take your Rebel T2i back to the store, friends, because Canon just dropped the EOS 60D, a mid-range DSLR with RAW shooting, a swing-mounted LCD, and great video recording. Read More

  • Are These The Specs For The Upcoming Nikon D3100? Hopefully

    Rumors have been flying left and right about Nikon’s upcoming cams. The word around the tubes is that both the D90 and D3000 are getting a refresh real soon. We supposedly saw the specs for the D90 replacement last week and now a German magazine published with what they claim are the D3100 specs. Hopefully it’s not twisted joke because these specs would make the D3100 one hell of… Read More

  • Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 Digital Camera

    What is this thing?
    The rise of micro four-thirds camera is probably biggest potential change in popular cameras since the rise of the point and shoot. Micro four thirds “system” cameras offer the best of both worlds – removable lenses for folks who like to play with focal lengths and primes and a simple interface and low price for entry level users. The Lumix DMC-G10 is… Read More

  • Nikon patents strange LCD screen

    Patents are always so much fun, and such a source of random speculation. Take for example this new LCD display from Nikon. What could it be? Is it for a DLSR? Maybe for video? No one knows, and of course Nikon isn’t talking, but it’s interesting to put your best guess out there. Read More

  • Control your Canon DSLR with a Nintendo DS

    After trying to find a way to remotely control their DSLRs, the clever hackers at HDRLabs couldn’t really find anything that would do what they wanted. So what did they do? Built a control of their own, using a Nintendo DS. HDRLabs went on to make the device available, for free. All you have to do is build one yourself. Read More

  • Mamiya announces DM40 DSLR, makes wallets bleed

    Mamiya announced their latest large sensor DSLR today, the DM40. Coming in at a memory card crushing 40 megapixel, the DM40 can capture images at up to 60 frames per minute, make it the fastest large sensor DSLR on the market. And one of the most expensive. Read More

  • Rumor: Is Panasonic working on a sucessor to the GF1?

    So what’s the deal? Is Panasonic working on a new camera? The short version is yes. The long version is a little more complicated. Read More

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