• Video: A review of the Nintendo DSi by Danny Choo in which a man in a pink vest says "Bye"

    Danny Choo is hanging over at BB this week and did a quick review of the Nintendo DSi and included a wonderful “video commercial” from the Land of the Rising Tentacle Porn. His review is fairly exotic as well, made up entirely of sayings from Buddhist philosophy: Read More

  • Nintendo DSi priced and dated for Europe [Update]

    Once again we’re getting the short end of the stick. Nintendo announced this morning that the DSi would be launching in Europe on April 3rd, which is two whole days sooner than us. Update: European trailer for the DSi after the jump. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi for America gets priced, dated

    I’m glad I didn’t buy a DSi when I was in Japan the other week. Today, Nintendo announced that the updated portable gaming system would be making its way Stateside on April 5th. But that’s not all. There’s a new color, too! At launch, there will be a black and blue DSi for $170. Wait. We actually have something that Japan doesn’t? Read More

  • Take your Nintendo DS into the solar age

    A little bit of electronic know-how is all it takes to turn your DS into a solar powered gaming device. Captain Planet would be proud. Read More

  • Nintendo DS Lite Onyx discontinued, other models to join it soon?

    The next-gen Nintendo DSi is already for sale in Japan and American gamers should get access to it within the coming months. It seems that The DS Lite Onyx might be the first of the current generation to get that axe. This comes from an internal GameStop newsletter and begs the question if other models will soon join this model. Read More

  • US-bound Nintendo DSi priced and dated?

    According to the latest Internet rumor, American gamers will be able to get their hands on the Nintendo DSi on April 4th for $179. That date is significantly before the summer release that Nintendo had perviously stated but the handheld is selling like Hello Kitty panties in Japan so it only makes sense to launch it here as soon as possible. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi gets its own flash cart, lets you run Twitter

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that rather than being a bane to Nintendo and Sony they breathe new life into portable consoles. The DSi has its own hacking cart, the Acekard 2i that lets you run homebrew and backups and, when it’s available here, will even let you Tweet from your DSi. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi: More than 500,000 sold in just one month

    Flickr’d Nintendo’s printing factory continues unabated! More than 500,000 DSi’s were sold last month in Japan, its first month of availability (the DSi won’t come out in North America or Europe till the first half of 2009), which suggests that gamers there are still enamored with the device. The exact number of DSi’s sold was 535,379, from November 1 to… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi unceremonially torn apart and examined

    You know the drill. A hot new gadget launches and someone – most often a nerd-type – tears it apart for some circuit board pr0n. Hey, we can’t blame ’em and the next up in this age-old ritual is the Nintendo DSi. The new handheld just launched to an eager Japanese gaming crowd last week, selling over 200,000 in the first few days alone. Chances are one of those units… Read More

  • Nintendo sells-out DSi's first wave in Japan

    There is little doubt that Nintendo’s evolutionary DSi will be a hit and eager Japanese gamers snatched up the first round of units within a few days. Reportable, it took only two days for Nintendo to sell through 170,000 of the 200,000 available DSi’s with the remaining 30,000 held up in unclaimed pre-orders and back-up inventory. The company has prepped another 100,000 units… Read More

  • Nintendo to launch DSi in Japan tomorrow, in the States by summer '09

    Nintendo is looking to cash-in with early holiday sales by launching the DSi in Japan tomorrow, November 1, 2008. The tech giant still hasn’t announced a US release date but at least narrowed the launch down to the summer season. Japanese gamers can pick up their DSi tomorrow though for ¥18,900 ($192 USD). Supposable, Nintendo has shipped 200,000 gaming handhelds to Japanese markets… Read More