• Denver Post Sues Drudge Report For Copyright Infringement Over Photo

    The Denver Post has sued the Drudge Report—still one of the best link repositories—for copyright infringement. Normally, who cares, right? Well, Drudge might care, being that he’ll be stuck in the legal system one way or another for a little bit now, but us non-aligned folks? No matter. But that’s not quite the case now, given the lawsuit’s nature. Since when… Read More

  • Beware the ‘r word’ when reading up on Net Neutrality

    The beauty of the Drudge Report right now is that Mr. Drudge is working against his very interests. He’s got some ridiculous headline right now, JULIUS AT FCC WANTS TO ‘REGULATE’ INTERNET, that’s meant to wile up his easily excitable readership. What’s going on is that the FCC has moved one step closer to bringin Net Neutrality to fruition, and has invited the… Read More