• Dropico Launches Yet Another Photo Sharing App (But You Just Might Like It)

    There’s no shortage of apps for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms that enable you to easily share photos with your family, friends and/or the rest of the world. In fact, there hasn’t been a shortage of those for years now, and yet we continue to get pitched for new ones being released seemingly every day. Enter Dropico, which got me to test-drive its brand new iPhone app… Read More

  • Dropico Launches Drag And Drop Photo Sharing App

    While everyone and their dog are introducing their iPad apps to the world, let’s take a look at a company launching something for that other – slightly more open – platform called the World Wide Web. We profiled Dropico, an easy-to-use drag and drop photo sharing app, before when it was still in private beta and people seemed to dig the concept a lot. Well now, you can try it… Read More

  • Dropico Lets You Drag And Drop Pictures Across Social Networks

    Dropico is a brand new service that allows you to drag and drop pictures from multiple social networks rapidly and seamlessly, without the need to upload photos and other imagery to each of them separately. Have any pictures stored on your TwitPic account that you want to share with your Facebook Friends, or want to bring a couple of your Flickr shots to your MySpace account? Just log on… Read More