• 16 Apps That Make Sharing Large Files A Snap

    File sharing services are not as popular today as they were four years ago. It’s not that people are sharing any less. Rather, they just found easier ways to do it. Would you upload a funny video from a friend’s email to any of those services or would you search for it on Youtube and share only the link? Would you upload an MP3 file in order to share with whomever, or would you… Read More

  • Drop.io Adds Seamless Screen-Sharing App With Present.io

    A new screen-sharing app launched today from drop.io, which keeps adding features to its private file-sharing service. The new product is called present.io and it lets you set up a screen-sharing presentation with multiple participants in just a few clicks. Present.io has a lot in common with drop.io’s chat feature which it added last month, except that it looks like this scales to… Read More

  • Drop.io Speeds Up Its File-Sharing And Adds Chat

    Private file-sharing service drop.io is jumping on the “real-time” bandwagon, speeding up its application to make it a near-instantaneous experience and adding chat. Before, drop.io was slightly asynchronous in that one person would have to upload their photos, movies, music, or documents that they wanted to share, and everyone else would have to wait until they were uploaded… Read More

  • Drop.io Adds Scribd's iPaper For Smoother File Browsing

    Drop.io, a file storage and sharing service, has partnered with Scribd to bring streamlined document viewing to the site. From now on all supported documents that have been uploaded to Drop.io will be viewable in Scribd’s Flash-based iPaper viewer. Drop.io’s “drop box” storage isn’t exactly unique, but it has a nice interface and a few key features that help… Read More

  • Drop.io Launches Easy Phone-To-MP3 Tool

    New York based Drop.io launched a dead simple “drop box” for files last November. The service is online storage on the back end, with a very simple/clean user interface and upload features on the front end. It is similar to box.net and a number of other startups. Users can upload files via a Flash tool or by simply emailing files to a designated address. Files an also be uploaded via… Read More