TC Droidcast 44: Galaxy S6 Edge And Watches, Watches, Watches

This week, we talk a lot about watches since the first salvo of Apple Watch reviews are out, and we can finally compare it in practical terms to Android Wear. We also discuss the Galaxy S6, which has

TC Droidcast 43: HTC One M9 And… Facebook?

This week, Chris Velazco joins us to discuss the HTC One M9, which he got to review over at Engadget. The company’s new smartphone looks pretty similar to last year’s model on the outside,

TC Droidcast 42: Google Classes Up The Play Store And We Invent AI

On this week’s Droidcast, we discuss Google’s big changes to the Play Store, with the introduction of a review process that involves human eyes on apps before they’re made available,

TC Droidcast Episode 38: Just No, Neptune Duo

This week, we have a rare opportunity to just plain unleash on a device: The Neptune Duo, which puts all the smartphone smarts inside an Android-powered smartwatch, then makes the screen in your pocke

TC Droidcast Episode 36: Samsung Shaking Things Up With Galaxy S6?

This week, we dive headlong into speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is set to make its debut on March 1 in Barcelona at a special event ahead of Mobile World Congress. Can Samsung reclaim

TC Droidcast Episode 35: The Nexus 6 With Touch ID That Might Have Been

We venture into the glorious Land of Speculation today to ponder what a Nexus 6 with a fingerprint reader would’ve been like, after former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed one was planned b

TC Droidcast Episode 34: HTC One M9 – More Of The Same?

This week we look at the rumoured new HTC One M9 (or whatever it’ll be called, HTC’s newest flagship) which we’ll get our first look at on March 1. These first spy shots seem to indi

TC Droidcast Episode 33: Wherein We Fix Project Ara

Our first Droidcast back in 2015 includes ample CES discussion, as well as first-hand accounts of Google’s Project Ara news from Kyle Russell. Darrell Etherington talks about the YotaPhone 2 dua

TC Droidcast Episode 32: Year In Review… Chickichuuu!

This week’s all about 2014, the year that was. We’re on the way into the holidays, but we wanted to take one last look at the hits of the past year in Android, including Lollipop, the HTC

TC Droidcast Episode 31: Pebble, ZenWatch, And Smartwatch 3

Join us as we chat about the Pebble gaining support for Android Wear interactive notifications, the Asus ZenWatch and the Sony Smartwatch 3. We also get a little bit futurist with our thoughts on Chro

TC Droidcast Episode 30: Cardboard VR, How Do You Wear Your Android Wear

This week, Google dropped so many updates today that we couldn’t help but talk about them, including new specs and software for the Google Cardboard smartphone-based VR program, and an updated v

TC Droidcast Episode 29: Lollipop’s Adoption Lag, Google Glass’s Second Act

This week, Darrell Etherington, Greg Kumparak and Kyle Russell opine about Android 5.0’s low early adoption rate, and whether Google can ever solve that particular problem. Google Glass and its

TC Droidcast Episode 28: Android Wear Weary, Go For GRID Gaming

On this week’s Droidcast, Chris Velazco joins us from a bathroom, Kyle Russell contributes from New Hampshire, Greg Kumparak rises from his sick bed, and Darrell Etherington hosts from the perma

TC Droidcast Episode 27: Nexus 6 Is Too Big And Nokia N1 Is Too iPad

This week on the Droidcast, it’s Darrell Etherington, Greg Kumparak, and Engadget’s Chris Velazco, and we’re talking in more detail about the Nexus 6 now that the full reviews are ou

TC Droidcast Episode 26: Moto Rules With Droid Turbo And Nexus 6

This week’s Droidcast features Darrell Etherington, Chris Velazco, Greg Kumparak and Kyle Russell, and we discuss the looming Nexus 6, as well as more Motorola with the Verizon-exclusive Droid T

TC Droidcast Episode 25: The Sweet Song Of Android Lollipop Lures Us Back

The Droidcast is back, after a lengthy hiatus. It was summoned to life by the fact that there’s a lot to discuss this week, thanks to the release of the Nexus 9 and Android Lollipop, as well as

TC Droidcast Episode 24: A Couple Of Mates Talking About The HTC One M8

This week, Chris Velazco joins me, Darrell Etherington, to talk about HTC’s new One (M8) flagship smartphone, which we already like quite a bit. The new device is HTC’s big chance to make

TC Droidcast Episode 22: Nokia Goes Android While HTC Plays The Customer Care Card

On this week’s Droidcast, me and Chris Velazco get tough on smartwatches, but first we discuss Nokia Android “Nokia X” device plans and other infertile hybrid animals, and HTC’

TC Droidcast Episode 21: Is Flappy Bird Really Gone And Are Contextual Launchers Useful?

The bird is the word this week on the TechCrunch Droidcast: That pixelated fowl from Flappy Bird has wormed its way into everyone’s hearts. We discuss the game, and the strange circumstances sur

TC Droidcast Episode 20: Motorola Goes To Lenovo, Google Loves Nexus And Ouya V2

It’s a brave new dawn for the TechCrunch Droidcast as I take over hosting duties from Chris Velazco… who returns temporarily from the distant lands of Engadget to share his insights on Goo
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