• DriveGain, the iPhone app that helps you save fuel, goes automatic

    DriveGain, the UK startup that helps motorists learn to drive more efficiently, has added much needed support for automatic cars to its iPhone app of the same name. This opens up the app to new markets “given the vast majority of cars in the US and Asia are automatics”, says Simon East, CEO of DriveGain. The app works by giving users visual and audio feedback on what changes they… Read More

  • DriveGain launches with an iPhone app to make you drive more efficiently

    EXCLUSIVE – DriveGain, a new startup that opens its doors today, aims to help users learn to drive more efficiently and, in doing so, save on their fuel consumption. It’s founded by Simon East, an ex-Psion exec and former VP, Technology of Symbian who subsequently founded Cognima (ShoZu), and Dr. Phil Dixon, who has a background in racing car simulations and was a recent… Read More