• Drive Me: Lyft Just Might Have The Customer Experience Advantage Over Uber

    Drive Me: Lyft Just Might Have The Customer Experience Advantage Over Uber

    I’m not a fan of pitting two or more companies against one another and calling “war,” but the reality is that there’s such a thing as competition and advantage in any marketplace. One of the hottest verticals of interest as of late is transportation. I’m ready to buy a Lit Motors car, which we saw at Disrupt, and I’ve used Uber since it launched. One of… Read More

  • Review: The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3

    Review: The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3

    Reviewing a drive isn’t very exciting. What can you say? “It contains a storage medium, is small, and surprisingly light.” Thankfully, the Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt can add one important point to that litany of mundanity – a Thunderbolt port and cable that jacks the read and write speed up to amazing levels – thereby turning a ho-hum review into a real… Read More

  • DriveGain goes freemium with CarEconomy iPhone app

    DriveGain, the UK startup that helps motorists learn to drive more efficiently and save fuel, is dipping its toe in the freemium waters. It’s released a free iPhone app – CarEconomy – that does one thing: show your average fuel economy as you drive. But, taking advantage of Apple’s App Store in-app purchasing, users can upgrade to add additional features, and there are… Read More

  • Buffalo Japan Announces Portable 3D Blu-ray Disc Drive

    It’s 3D everywhere lately. This time, it’s PC accessory maker Buffalo, which announced [JP] a portable drive for 3D Blu-ray discs today. Just plug the BP3D-PI6U2-BK into your computer via USB to view 3D Blu-ray movies (not that there are many at this point) or other 3D content, provided you have a 3D-enabled PC or display. Read More

  • Do not freeze your Seagate hard drive

    Seagate manager Pete Steege tried to store his Seagate Go 320GB hard drive in ice for 100 days in order to prove that Seagate drives can withstand all manner of torture. Sadly, it didn’t quite make it. When he cut the drive out of his ice rink (!!) he cut the bag which wet the drive. Read More

  • Iomega Launches Two New Home Network Drives

    Iomega today announced two new networked hard drives that come with an Ethernet-jack in the back of each device. The drives come with either 320GB or 500GB of storage and feature a brushed aluminum casing that will compliment that new iMac you just picked up. As you’d expect with a networked drive, performance is a key factor, so Iomega has gone ahead and used a 7200RPM SATA-II drives… Read More

  • Mio Wants You To Lose Some Weight, Fatty

    I had the opportunity to sit down with Physi-Cal CEO Liz Dickinson the other day and chat about Mio and their upcoming line of watches. The Mio line isn’t just another line of cheapo heart rate monitor watches, but more of a lifestyle watch line that wants to keep you healthy and at the top of your game. I’m a gym rat looking to finally get in shape this year even if it kills me… Read More

  • So Four SD Cards Walk Into a Drive…

    Here’s a gadget that seems pretty useful but you won’t find at the local CompUSA. Century’s SDB25S is a terribly named enclosure that you plug into an IDE cable. Inside the enclosure, you can insert up to four SD cards (2GB each max) to create one single drive using your SD cards. Too bad it costs $260, has a cap of 8GB because SDHC isn’t supported, and has issues… Read More

  • Kanguru 32GB Flash Drive is the Worst Ever

    It’s true that this Kanguru thumb drive holds 32GB, which is enough to take your entire operating system with you as you travel – sticking it into various local internet cafe computers like the naughty drive it is. The massive storage would be enough except for two things. The first? The $1,499 price tag. Unless you really need something the size of your thumb – perhaps… Read More