• H2O-Pal Helps You Get Your Two Gallons Of Water A Day

    H2O-Pal Helps You Get Your Two Gallons Of Water A Day

    The United States National Laboratory Of Water Drinking And Health (not a real laboratory) recommends that all humans drink lots of water all the time. That’s why H2O-Pal exists – it’s a water bottle that tells you how much you’ve drunk and, more important, when you’ve reached the daily goal of two to five gallons (warning: you could probably drink less) needed… Read More

  • StearClear, The App That Gets Your Car Home When You’re Too Drunk To Drive, Raises $600K, Plans Expansion

    StearClear, The App That Gets Your Car Home When You’re Too Drunk To Drive, Raises $600K, Plans Expansion

    One of the worst things about getting drunk far from home is having to abandon your car overnight which you then have to painfully retrieve it the following day, hangover and all. Sometimes, the car isn’t even where you left it – it’s been towed. A startup called StearClear launched earlier this spring to address that problem by offering a designated driver service that… Read More

  • Your disposable wine glass, monsieur

    Look, I’m all for sustainable living and renewable energy sources, but I don’t let them get between me and a taste. Fortunately, most of the time, I’m drinking from reusable pint glasses or recyclable cans and bottles — so a little wastefulness here and there won’t break my moral bank. And these disposable wine glasses are just too ghetto-fabulous not to love. Read More

  • Flasks disguised as electronics let you get your drink on like a blogger

    Yeah, should be a good match, they’re on a streak right now. Okay, let’s see: row 122…123…124. Here’s me, and you’re Q, right? All right. Not bad seats, huh? Friend of mine usually goes with his wife, but they had to go down east for some reason this time around. Oh, there’s the peanut guy. HEY GUY! Yeah – whoop, nice throw – HEY, AND A BEER! Read More

  • Fake golf club holds 48 ounces of booze

    Drink-dispensing golf clubs aren’t new, per se, but this one just hit SkyMall’s new arrivals section so here it is for those of you who haven’t seen it before and are looking for a good way to sneak some booze onto your local golf course. Read More

  • Beer in a Pouch: Sure, why the hell not?

    Okay, this is definitely a new one. The “BeerPaQ CarboPouch for Draft Beers” is pretty much exactly like it sounds, although you could drop “BeerPaQ” and “Carbo” to achieve the same effect: it’s beer, but in a pouch. But why? Read More

  • Disposable flask is perfect for staying nimble while on a bender

    Since today seems to be morphing into “Things That Help You Conceal Booze Day” at CrunchGear, here’s something interesting: a disposable flask. Cool leopard print, eh? Read More

  • Refreshment, thy name is Sippin' Seat

    Mmmm, this cushion can hold liquid. How refreshing. Nothing like a cold drink on a hot summer day. Or perhaps a drink that used to be cold but is now hot because you’ve been sitting on it for a couple hours. Read More

  • Weekend Project: Turn all your fruit into shot glasses with the ShotCarver

    It’s getting warmer out, which means we’ll soon all be switching from heavy, dark wintertime beer to delicious, nutritious summertime alcohol. The ShotCarver costs $12 and can be used to create a shot-sized pockets inside apples, pears, watermelons, and more. Read More

  • Liquor Locator iPhone app

    While it may be easy enough to type “liquor” into Maps on your iPhone, this way may be even easier. And I’ve often found that when one is in desperate need of liquor, easier is better. Of course, this particular app (still in development) doesn’t just find liquor stores nearby — it’s put out by Proximo Spirits, and it only finds their liquor. Good if you… Read More

  • Your finger’s all sweaty, you been drinking tonight?

    A couple of grad students in China have developed a method for testing someone’s blood alcohol level directly from a middle finger. The system consists of a small box mounted inside of a car, connected to the vehicle’s ignition. A would-be motorist sticks his or her swear finger into the box for twenty seconds and the system first checks the fingerprint to identify the driver and… Read More

  • Apple's "Brick" manufacturing process, applied to fine wine

    Everything is better in unibody aluminum. If bikes hadn’t already proven this, then the new MacBooks did (ish), and if you still aren’t convinced, then feast your eyes on these little beauties. Volute premium portable wine’s aluminum bottles and wide mouths make them well-suited for, say, concealment at technology trade shows. No embarrassing Cabernet drip and glass… Read More

  • Sit-down arcade driving sim with built-in kegerator – wait, what?

    This site Dream Arcades has a huge range of arcade machines to put together or order pre-built, from cocktail tables to stand-ups to sit-down racers. Great, right? Well, their latest model, the Octane 120, has a extra perk, and it’s not exactly — well, appropriate. It’s got a kegerator. Now before you blast me as a teetotaler, you should realize that this arcade machine… Read More

  • Spin the Beer Wheel, win a prize (beer + knowledge)

    People who are really into wine get cool sounding titles like “Sommelier” and “wine enthusiast” while people who really love beer are often just called “fat” and/or “drunk”. Unfair though it may be, I happily plop myself into the latter category of beer lovers. So for the beer lover who’s got it all, here’s the $8.99 Beer Wheel —… Read More

  • TrekStor creates a thumb drive that you might actually keep in your pocket

    Hot on the heels of our back to school week comes one of the most seemingly indispensable storage devices to date: The TrekStor USB stick with built-in bottle opener. Let’s face it, there have been a lot of stupid, dumb implementations of flash drives before (keychains, wristbands, necklaces, etc.) and a lot of brilliant implementations of bottle openers before (Reef’s… Read More

  • Electronic tongue takes all the fun out of wine tasting

    Designed for in the field use, the handheld device can distinguish substances characteristic of a certain wine variety. Devised of six sensors, the tongue can measure levels of acid, sugar and alcohol – without getting drunk. These factors are of no small importance to the world’s vintners, and the promise of a cheap alternative to timely and expensive lab processing will surely… Read More

  • 3 Bottle Wine saver: Who saves three bottles of wine?

    A lot of people fill their bottles of wine with carbon dioxide as they swig directly from the bottle but the good folks at Williams-Sonoma will fill your bottles with argon in order to keep the wine therein sweet and fresh. While none of those bottles would survive the weekend at Chez Biggs, it’s nice to know there are people out there who don’t drink Chablis like it’s Gatorade. Read More

  • An open letter to all stadiums I may enter from this day forward: Now you’re all in big, big trouble

    If there was a fan club solely for people who like items that pay for themselves after one use, I’d be president. Maybe secretary, actually, since I type a lot for my day job. No, president, actually. I have a lot of good ideas and it’s time to enact change around here. This fan club has been going down hill ever since it never started. Anyway, this is the Beer Belly Cooler. Read More

  • Bierstick: Two beers in under two seconds

    Straight out of my hometown of Minneapolis comes the Bierstick, a $20 apparatus that you fill with two cans of Busch Light, prop against a wall, then use to propel said Busch Light down your gullet in less than two seconds. I’m overflowing with pride. It’s perfect for people who find shotgunning a single beer in five seconds to be too time consuming. I mean, come on… Read More

  • Review: Keychain Breathalyzer + Flashlight

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/Aa6PFQA%5D  Behold the Chinavasion.com Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget with built-in flashlight and stopwatch. It costs a meager $4.43 — far less than other breathalyzer gadgets — and it seems to work although it tops out at a 0.05 blood alcohol content (BAC) reading, so you’ll never really be quite sure if you’re over the 0.08… Read More