• Dragontape launches Socialtape, the Flipboard for videos

    Socialtape is an app for iPhone or iPad that shows you videos shared on Facebook and allows you to comment on them. So far so simple. Here’s the thing. The way we consume video is different from most other other content. Watching single video takes more time than, say, clicking on the image or scanning a shared article. And watching videos in the office can be problematic…… Read More

  • Dragontape brings its YouTube and SoundCloud remix app to iPad

    Dragontape, which lets users create ‘mixtapes’ of their favorite YouTube videos and SoundCloud recordings, has landed on Apple’s iPad, a device which benefits the service’s realtime editing functionality. As other video editing or remix style apps on the iPad have shown, a large touch screen device and accompanying OS has the potential to make the cutting, editing… Read More

  • Dragontape brings YouTube-powered mixtapes to Facebook

    Dragontape, which lets users create ‘mixtapes’ of their favorite YouTube videos, has added the ability to embed the final result in blog posts, and more importantly, Facebook updates. That’s because the new feature uses the oEmbed standard to ensure widest possible compatibility. It’s also a feature that, frankly, should have existed from the start considering… Read More

  • Dragontape is a fun, visual YouTube mixtape creator

    Dragontape is a new web app that lets you create ‘mixtapes’ of your favorite YouTube videos and easily show these with friends. The site’s functionality isn’t unique – its numerous competitors include vodpod.com, worldtv.com, and yubby.com – but creating a mix tape couldn’t be much simpler as Dragontape utilizes a familiar (and fun) drag… Read More