This Robotic Dragonfly Will Soon Flit Into Your Nightmares For $99

Researchers at Georgia Tech have created a robotic dragonfly that can hover, dive, and climb like a real insect. With the help of a $1,000,000 grant from the Air Force, the team has built multiple pro

Wowee Dragonfly Hands-On. Verdict: Awesome!

Some background: I tried to assemble and fly a model airplane once and only once. I was about 11, and after one attempt at lift-off, the thing crashed, never to fly again. So today, when I found a nic

Death from Above: WowWee Dragonfly

Holy crap this looks cool. WowWee, makers of the popular Robosapien, are preparing to take to the air with the Dragonfly . The Dragonfly is a radio controlled device doesn’t seem to have any AI,