dragon ball

  • Japanese company announces Dragon Ball headphones

    Even though Dragon Ball is 25 years old, it’s still one of the most popular anime and manga series out there. There are tons of Dragon Ball-themed video games and other merchandising stuff all around the world, but Tokyo-based gourmandise [JP] today announced what seems to be relatively rare: Dragon Ball-inspired gadgets. Their so-called DRAGONBALL HEADPHONE will be available in two… Read More

  • Dragon Ball MMO: Strike when the iron's hot

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x4j47t So… Dragon Ball… that was popular (and relevant!), what, 10, 12 years ago? I guess all the more reason to create an MMO based on it, then, which is what Bandai is doing in Korea. I watched the video and didn’t understand it. I guess the game, Dragon Ball Online is set somewhere between the Z and Majin-Bu story lines. In other news… Read More