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802.11n Draft 2 Coming to a Router Near You This Summer

The organization responsible for certifying the different Wi-Fi standards will start certifying 802.11n Draft 2.0 products this summer. That’s phase two of two of this seemingly endless draft ap

Draft-N Now Final-N, Nerd Democracy Works

That draft-N/pre-N 802.11n WiFi router you just picked up is now one step closer to being all officialize, the current draft has passed the working group’s needed 75% margin of the vote with roo

Intel's Draft-N Plays Nicely With Buffalo, Others

. Products labeled with the Intel “Connect with Centrino” Identifier, such as Buffalo’s new AirStation Wireless–N Nfiniti Dual Band Router and AP (WZR-AG300NH), are thoroughly tested b

Fear Of Draft-N Hardware Dissipates With Draft 2.0 Approval

Those aching to buy new wireless draft-N equipment should feel comfortable pulling the trigger now even though the final specs won’t be approved for more than a year, October 2008. The IEEE&#821

Smartvue S4 Wireless Draft-N IP Cam Peeps With Better Range

Wireless Draft-N stuff is fun. IP cameras are fun, too. So it makes sense that combining the two would be a good time all the way around. Smartvue, the IP video software and hardware solutions company

D-Link Goes Nutty For Draft-N

D-Link just refreshed its Draft-N routers and managed to actually make them attractive. The new $199 Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router promises to do everything a good N router should with all the faste