SpaceX successfully completes key test of its Crew Dragon human spacecraft

SpaceX completed a crucial test of a key safety system of its Crew Dragon spacecraft today. The test involved launching its Crew Dragon using a Falcon 9, though without any actual crew on board. The l

SpaceX completes key Crew Dragon launch system static fire test

SpaceX has confirmed that it ran a static fire test of its Crew Dragon astronaut capsule launch escape system. That’s a key step that it needed to run, and one that is under especially high scru

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon arrive at Cape Canaveral ahead of key test for crew flight

SpaceX’s facility at Cape Canaveral just received a crucial new delivery: a Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule that it will be using for an upcoming in-flight abort test. This test, which w

UVify’s zippy little Draco racing drone is now shipping

We haven’t heard much out of camp UVify since it showed us its racing drone at CES back in early January. At the time, the company promised delivery by “as early as next quarter.” The Draco is c

Draco: Ocard Spelled Backwards, New Zune

Apple news and rumors have been swamping the interwebs for weeks now, as I’m sure all of you have noticed, so I’m ecstatic that Microsoft has leaked some info on the flash-based Zune. The Draco, a