• Sigma inexplicably releases a minimally changed DP1s

    Pop quiz, hot shot: you release a product to tepid critical response. Despite having a good concept behind it, it’s slow, limited, and performs badly in low light. After a year and a half, you release its sequel, which is better but still not really that good. What do you do? A) Forget this approach, try something new like Micro Four-Thirds
    B) Get a decent lens on that thing and… Read More

  • Sigma's DP2 approaches release; pics and specs updated

    We’ve been aware of the DP2 for some time, and although its predecessor was coolly received, I’m excited about this one. Everyone agreed that the DP1 was a technical accomplishment, but its actual performance was lacking. AF, shutter lag, speed in general was an issue, poor low light performance — the list goes on, even more so than I remember. But if Sigma has made the… Read More

  • Sigma unveils new compact camera, the DP2

    Sigma Japan today unveiled the Sigma DP2 [JP], the successor model to the DP1, which was released earlier this year and received lukewarm reviews. As of now, there is no word of the new camera on Sigma’s American web site. The Sigma DP2 features a 3-layer 14 megapixel Foveon X3 sensor (2,652×1,768) with an updated True (“Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine”) image… Read More