• Doxie Updates Its Portable Doxie Go Scanner With Wi-Fi And iOS App

    Doxie Updates Its Portable Doxie Go Scanner With Wi-Fi And iOS App

    I’ve been using my Doxie Go scanner for the past two years. It’s a portable scanner small enough to keep in a drawer for when you need it. Doxie just updated its flagship scanner with not one but two new models — the Doxie Go Plus and the Doxie Go Wi-Fi. The Doxie Go Plus, as the name suggests, is an improved version of the scanner. The company claims that image quality has… Read More

  • Gift Guide: Doxie Go Scanner

    Gift Guide: Doxie Go Scanner

    The Doxie Go is a portable scanner with a built-in battery and 512 MB of internal memory. You can bring it anywhere with you and scan all your documents before throwing them away. But the best part is the application that comes with it. It integrates with cloud services, such as Dropbox, Evernote or CloudApp. You can open scanned documents with any local app, as well, or just save it as a PDF… Read More

  • Doxie Go: Wireless Scanner (mostly) Cuts the Cord

    Doxie Go: Wireless Scanner (mostly) Cuts the Cord

    Doxie, the cute but functional document scanner, last made waves with its ability to send scanned items to Evernote, Dropbox, or your iPhone. That functionality was handy, but you still needed to dig out your Doxie scanner, attach it your PC or Mac, and then perform the scan. Doxie’s cutting the cord today with Doxie Go: a cordless self-contained scanner that saves scans to its… Read More

  • Scan with Doxie, send to iPhone

    Doxie, the cute but functional little document scanner, just got an interesting update. Version 1.2 of the Doxie software adds a Devices tab which allows you to send scanned items to your iPhone or iPad. You can read those items on your iThingie using iBooks. This may make your iPad even more useful, and certainly opens new doors to productivity. Read More

  • Review: Doxie document scanner

    This is a great scanner for occasional scanning of single pages. It doesn’t have an auto document feeder, so you’re not going to use it for large scanning jobs. You’ll use it to scan your W-2, or old family photos, or that newspaper clipping your mom saved from when you did something famous in your home town. For $129 it provides a good deal of functionality, including… Read More

  • Doxie: the amazing scanner for documents

    I have an ancient — and gigantic — Umax scanner I’ve been hanging onto for what feels like eternity for the two or three times every year when I need to scan something. My scanner is big, and bulky, and has a power brick about the size of Idaho. It’s not very convenient to use. Sure, I could replace it with something else, but really I scan so infrequently that… Read More