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The Future Of Work: Amazon vs. Zappos

Twenty years ago <a target="_blank" href="">Tony Hsieh</a> was part of the three-man Harvard team that won the hyper-prestigious ACM Programmming Contest. Five y

Downtown Project Buys 100 Teslas To Launch Project 100, A Car-Sharing Service In Las Vegas

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's <a target="_blank" href="">Downtown Project</a> just announced a new venture called <a target="_blank" href="">Project 100</a

A Look At The ‘Downtown Project’ That Wants To Bring A Tech Renaissance To Old Las Vegas [TCTV]

You've probably heard something about the <a target="_blank" href="">Downtown Project</a>, the $350 million initiative spearheaded by <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cru

A Walk Through Downtown Las Vegas, Where A New Generation Of Startups Is Taking Root [TCTV]

TechCrunch TV recently made the trek to Las Vegas, where we had the chance to check out the burgeoning startup community that's taking shape there thanks in large part to a $350 million initiative cal