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Two new Qflix-enabled DVD burners from Plextor

We’ve reported on the Qflix service before – you’ll recall that it basically lets you download movies from the CinemaNow movie service and burn them onto blank DVDs as though they were actual, r

Vudu testing out HD content to rival Blu-ray

Seems a handful of Beta testers for Vudu have been asked to download content aptly named HDX that’s mean to rival Blu-ray. Apparently the downloads take up to three hours before it starts and I high

Guitar Hero 4 for Wii gets downloadable content

Because of the Wii’s rather silly amount of storage space available (512MB), developers have been loath to plan on downloadable content for the system. But Vicarious, the developers for the upco

Full album downloads for Rock Band start next week

We’d heard rumors, but today it’s official: starting next week, players of Rock Band will be able to download full albums of additional songs for $15. The first out of the gate would be Ju

Video: Halo 3 Ghost Town map preview I bought my Xbox 360 just to play Halo 3, I’ll admit it. I love that game and I love playing it online. I love the terrains and maps, and th

This week's Rock Band downloads: Thrash!

[photopress:AtTheGateGroup.jpg,full,center] I love Rock Band and I love that they keep releasing songs for it. However, lately they’ve sucked. Last week was pretty bad, and the week before that