• Google Chrome Is The New "Down For Everyone Or Just Me"

    You hit a site; it’s down. You immediately reload; it’s still down. You start to freak out. “How the hell are they down again!? Is anyone in charge over there?! WTF?!” But quite often, it’s just you. And you look like an ass for your rant that you just spewed on Twitter (or on Facebook when it’s Twitter that is down). Thankfully, it looks like Chrome can… Read More

  • Twitter's Downtime Also Downs Downforeveryoneorjustme

    So this is funny. Yes, Twitter is having downtime issues right now. Yes, again. But that’s nothing new, obviously. What is new is that Twitter being down has also apparently borked the site many people use to check if Twitter is down, downforeveryoneorjustme. While the site, made by Ryan King, is working for every other site on the web, the image below shows what is returned when you put… Read More