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Video Review: Snuggie Blanket

<img src="">The Snuggie Blanket – as seen on TV!!! – is a miracle of modern technology. See, it’s a blanket except it has arm holes. You stick your

Video Review: Argosy HV675 MediaPlay

<img src=""><strong>Short Version:</strong> The HV675 walks the line between ease of use and speed when it comes to getting video cont

Video: Sir Richard Branson in drag – oh, and Virgin America lands in Boston

<img src="">Doug Aamoth reporting from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Today in the B terminal I saw some good-lo

Review: Health Energy Potion

<img src="">Health Energy Potion is a tiny 1.69-ounce energy drink that resembles a health vial from a video game. And sure enough, the

Video Review: FyreTV

<img src="">FyreTV is a set top box that streams on-demand video (perhaps not the kind of video you’re thinking of) for

So long, CES 2009

<img src="">We’re all officially home; safe and sound, tired and broken. Another year of not eating all day following by drinking all night, backpacks n

Testing out the Barbie Digital Nail Printer

<img src="">Here’s Mattel’s “Barbie Digital Nail Printer” due out in August for an undetermined price. Which design will I choose for my own nail?

LG and GotWind's solar+wind "SkyCharger" at CES

<img src="">Although CES is generously provided with outlets for our charging needs, I decided that the power that comes out of them, like everything else

CES Video: Closer look at the SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player

<img src="">Here's a little demo of the SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player that we reported earlier. The basic gist is a $99 player

CES Video: Hands on with the MSI X320 netbook, plus pricing and availability info

<img src="">Netbook, notebook, call it whatever you want -- the MSI X320 is slick city, my main man. Here's a hands-on video and some p

Review: EOS wireless audio system

Short Version: The EOS wireless audio system is dead simple to set up and use, although a high price tag and so-so sound quality might keep some people away.

Review: Clarity C900 cell phone for seniors

Quick Version: The idea behind the Clarity C900 mobile phone is sound – big keys, bright display, loud ringer, emergency call button – but the interface might be a bit feature-heavy and confusing

Review: Medis 24/7 Power Pack fuel cell charger

Short Version: The Medis 24/7 Power Pack makes for a good, easy-to-use emergency charging kit to keep in the car or for use anywhere without access to conventional power. At $30 to $50, it’s relativ

Review: Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime for iPhone/iPod

Quick Version: The $99.99 Pure-Fi Anytime is a good choice as an alarm clock and single-room speaker system. If you’ve got your life on your iPhone, you’ll appreciate this gadget as it pulls doubl

Review: Motorola Renegade V950 (Sprint)

Quick Version: The Motorola Renegade V950 is a good choice for people who want a rugged phone with excellent call quality and push-to-talk capabilities. What’s more, Motorola and Sprint-Nextel manag

Review: Penguin Home Soda Maker

You probably don’t need an entire review to help you decide whether or not you want a soda -making machine, but if you’re at all interested in making your own carbonated beverages then the Penguin

Review: Microsoft Lifecam Show webcam

You’ll like it if you’re looking for a high-quality webcam with decent software, autofocus, and good low-light performance. But not if you’re a Mac user or you can’t justify spending $100 on a

Review: Samsung SC-MX20 digital memory camcorder

At $249, the Samsung SC-MX20 falls delicately between cheap flash-based camcorders and more expensive hard drive-based camcorders. It strips down some features that may not be necessary in the first p

Hands-on with the T-Mobile G1 Android phone

Here’s a few minutes with the new G1. We didn’t get a chance to really dig into it because, let’s face it, you saw how impatient I got. Everyone else was waiting too. At any rate, I like the G1

Review: Pinnacle Video Transfer system

The Pinnacle Video Transfer is a $99 device that promises easy one-touch recording to a myriad of devices including USB memory sticks and external hard drives as well as direct recording to the Sony P
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