• SkyMall selling hearing aid that looks like a Bluetooth headset

    I saw this in the SkyMall catalog a few days ago while flying and I thought it was ridiculous. I saw it again randomly on the Internet and decided you guys needed to see it. I’m like that. It’s a low-quality hearing aid disguised as a Bluetooth headset. But that’s not the interesting part. It’s being marketed as being a headset that will improve your image! Want to… Read More

  • More proof: Bluetooth headsets make you a douche

    This is pretty funny. If you Google the term “Bluetooth” with “douche” using CrunchGear as the main site, you get a lot of hits. Why? Because we’ve been leading the charge against this stupid fad. Because if you wander around wearing a Bluetooth headset, you are a douche, it’s that simple. You might think you’re being futuristic, but you’re not. Read More

  • "Prepare to have your reality violated™"

    In the mind-blowingly bad yet totally watchable film Twister, storm chasers head into the paths of tornadoes to collect scientific data as well as quash professional rivalries. They risk their lives, vehicles, and reputations to better understand how and why tornadoes form so that some day we could predict when and where the deadly storms will strike, and possibly even prevent… Read More

  • LG undouches itself in two short days: The LG Watch/Phone concept photographed

    I’m all for companies protecting their intellectual property and I respect embargoes and NDAs. But when companies hide their precious, yelling at you about taking pictures of things in plain sight it pisses me off. Well, Matt and Devin stopped by the LG booth today and, surprise, the super secret watch was ready for them to photograph. All… Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Enjoy Your Gear Without Being a Douche

    Here we are, in the age of ubiquitous mobile devices, and while most of us read the instruction manuals, many don’t consider what’s not in the pages. Most of us have at least two devices on our person at all times, some even more. The upside is that these gadgets have made it easier for us to be entertained and revolutionized communications on a personal level. The bad news is… Read More