• Japan's Newest Cute Camera: Doraemon's Bell×CASIO EXILIM EX-Z800

    Another month, another special edition camera from Casio: this time it’s blue cartoon cat Doraemon (super-popular in Japan and many countries in Asia) that gets the Exilim treatment. Technically, the so-called Doraemon’s Bell×CASIO EXILIM EX-Z800 [JP] is nothing special, but it’s – as you can easily see – designed to be a hit with kids. Read More

  • Round-up: Top 5 of the cutest Japanese gadgets of the last 2 weeks

    Japan released a number of super-cute gadgets and electronic devices in the last days. Here are the top five. Top 5: Fragrance case for earphones Marubeni Infotech has announced the “Fragrance Case for Earphone” [JP], a small box made of aluminum tailor-made for the “Y” part of any given earphone. The box is filled with scented cotton that emits a nice smell while… Read More