DoorDash begins piloting drone deliveries in the US

DoorDash is expanding its partnership with Alphabet’s Wing to bring its drone delivery pilot to the U.S., the company announced on Thursday. Select users in Christiansburg, Virginia will be able

DoorDash’s new AI-powered ‘SafeChat+’ tool automatically detects verbal abuse

DoorDash hopes to reduce verbally abusive and inappropriate interactions between consumers and delivery people with its new AI-powered feature that automatically detects offensive language. Dubbed “

DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including ‘driving insights’

DoorDash is launching three new in-app safety tools for its delivery people, the company announced on Friday. The food delivery platform is introducing driving insights, expanding its Apple CarPlay in

DoorDash tests warning non-tippers that their order could be slow to arrive

Shame on the non-tippers. As Americans tip customer service workers less and less, per a Bankrate survey, DoorDash is testing a new feature that aims to convince customers to tip their drivers before

DoorDash tests a feature that rewards users for dining out, not ordering in

DoorDash has made a name for itself as a restaurant delivery service that has in later years expanded to categories like groceries and convenience store items. But the company is now running a test of

Judge upholds $18 minimum pay for NYC delivery workers

In a blow to Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub, a New York judge on Thursday ruled to allow the implementation of the minimum pay rate of $18 per hour for New York City’s food delivery workers. The del

The question of gig worker status in Massachusetts is back on

A year ago, a Massachusetts court ruled to throw out a 2022 proposed ballot measure that sought to define gig workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Now it appears that proposal is

DoorDash launches AI-powered voice ordering technology for restaurants

DoorDash is launching AI-powered voice ordering technology that will allow restaurants to increase their sales by answering all of the calls they receive, the company announced on Monday. The system w

DoorDash expands retail delivery offerings with new Staples partnership

DoorDash is adding Staples to its marketplace in time for the back-to-school season, the company announced on Monday. The announcement is part of DoorDash’s ongoing efforts to expand into new retail

NYC gig workers need help accessing safe e-bikes amid lithium battery fires

The sight of bike delivery workers hustling through the streets of New York — oven mitts duct-taped to their handlebars, insulated pizza delivery bags strapped above the back tire — has be

DoorDash offers delivery workers hourly rate, but there’s a catch

DoorDash will give delivery workers the option to be paid a guaranteed hourly minimum rate instead of being paid per delivery, the company said Wednesday. The new option, a novelty in the gig worker i

DoorDash introduces a slew of new features, including an ‘Earn by Time’ option for delivery people

DoorDash is introducing a series of new features for users and delivery people on its platform, the company announced on Wednesday. Most notably, DoorDash is going to start giving delivery people the

Nobody is happy with NYC’s $18 delivery worker minimum wage

New York City has established a new minimum wage for food delivery workers who deliver for platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub and Relay. It should be a historic win for gig workers, but both

Gig workers in California to receive millions for unpaid vehicle expenses

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other app-based ride-hail and delivery companies will have to reimburse California gig workers potentially millions of dollars for unpaid vehicle expenses between 2022 and 202

DoorDash is adding three new retail partners and updating its shopping features

DoorDash is adding three new retail partners and updating its shopping features, the company announced on Thursday. Starting today, users can start placing orders for items at Lush Cosmetics, Victoria

DoorDash is adding support for cash — but not in its main app

Restaurant delivery service DoorDash announced today it will begin to support the ability for customers to pay with cash for their online orders. But there’s a catch — the feature is only

California court upholds Prop 22 in win for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash

A California appeals court on Monday reversed a lower-court ruling that found Proposition 22, the ballot measure passed in November 2020 that classified Uber and Lyft drivers as independent contractor

DoorDash launches its first co-branded credit card with Chase

DoorDash is launching its first-ever credit card with Chase, the company announced on Wednesday. The DoorDash Rewards Mastercard will provide cardholders the opportunity to earn cash back on delivery

The on-demand delivery trilemma

The on-demand delivery trilemma refers to the challenge of balancing three of the most important factors in the on-demand delivery of convenience foods: speed, profitability and affordability.

Here are the tech industry’s 2023 Super Bowl commercials, with noticeably less crypto

At Super Bowl LVII, the Kansas City Chiefs referees emerged victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles. But maybe the real winner was us, the viewers, who did not have to sit through a bunch of crypto ad
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