Amazon’s Ring partners with National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to put missing posters in Neighbors app

Amazon’s Ring is partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the U.S. to publish missing child posters directly in the Neighbors app by Ring. The free app

DoorJamz Is A Doorbell With Custom Tones You Can Control With Your Smartphone

I have two problems with doorbells. First, they sound incredibly annoying. Secondly, there isn’t an easy way to turn them off. DoorJamz provides a solution for both of these problems. It’s stil

WineGong – Might be your next doorbell

  Is this doorbell classy or nerdy? We can’t decide. Part of us digs the natural material and wine glasses, but then, it is a DIY project that involves gong’n two flutes all controled by

Home Phones With the GSM Doorbell

(we rigged ours up to play Mr. Postman. No, not really). But that’s all tech 2G, we’re so over it. Meet the GSM Doorbell. No, really. When your guests arrive, you’ll be notified via

The Sign of the Times: MP3 Doorbells

as a node on your network, but to be practical, you should ping something that dings, namely your doorbell. Instead of an analog chime that alerts your fat ass when the pizza man is at the door (sorry