After Being Acquired By Yahoo, Personal Assistant App Donna Shuts Down

We knew the day was coming, but it's probably worth pointing out all the same: Mobile personal assistant app Donna will cease working tomorrow, about one month after the company behind it -- Incredibl

Incredible Labs Acquired By Yahoo, Mobile Assistant App Donna To Be Shut Down

<a target="_blank" href="">Incredible Labs</a>, the startup behind mobile personal assistant app <a target="_blank" href="">Donna</a>, has been acqui-hired by Yahoo,

Mobile Personal Assistant App Donna Can Now Email Contacts To Tell Them You’re Running Late

Mobile personal assistant <a target="_blank" href="">Donna</a> has gotten another upgrade, making the app not only more powerful in its ability to help users manage their busy lives, but

Personal Assistant App Donna Adds Public Transit Directions, Birthdays, And Metric Units

We’ve written a lot about Donna, the mobile personal assistant app from Khosla Ventures-backed startup Incredible Labs… So why not write some more? It’s been about six weeks since Donna launched

Incredible Labs, Maker Of Personal Assistant App Donna, Cuts 25% Of Staff After Launch

Incredible Labs, the startup which built personal assistant app <a target="_blank" href="">Donna</a>, reduced headcount this week, as it seeks to streamline operations and improve its bal

Personal Assistant App Donna Goes Live, With Better Battery Performance And Instant Uber Requests

Personal assistant app Donna is ready to help simplify users' lives, and is being launched on the Apple App Store today to do just that. With the general release also comes a few new features, like in

How Mobile Personal Assistant Donna Simplifies Your Life By Combining Design And Data

I've already told you about Donna, the new mobile personal assistant from Incredible Labs. But if you haven't actually had a chance to play with the app yourself, it's difficult to explain how it's di

Meet Donna, Your Mobile Personal Assistant From Khosla-Backed Startup Incredible Labs

Don’t have a “custom-designed, one-of-a-kind bespoke app… to communicate and collaborate” with your assistant through? Hell, don’t even have a personal assistant? Well, that’s all about to