• Experiential Commerce Is The Next Billion-Dollar Opportunity For Developers Crunch Network

    Experiential Commerce Is The Next Billion-Dollar Opportunity For Developers

    Technology has transformed entire industries over the past decade, from travel and transportation to media and real estate. While commerce has enjoyed some innovation, its transformation is far from over. The next frontier is “Commerce Everywhere,” which blends online and offline experiences to let you make purchases wherever and whenever you want. Read More

  • Commandments For The Speed Of Security Crunch Network

    Commandments For The Speed Of Security

    PF Chang’s. Domino’s. eBay. Home Depot. Nieman Marcus. Sony. That isn’t just a list of wildly successful companies, it’s also a list of hacked companies; companies whose security was profoundly, publicly compromised. And it’s just a very small sample of a much larger set. The problem is not just that our industry’s approach to security is compromised but a… Read More

  • Giveaway: The Domino A.L.C from CoolIT

    Oh man, it’s hot outside. Maybe Al Gore is onto something. Just think that if you’re this hot, your computer must be roasting. We’ve got the solution: the Domino A.L.C. This compact liquid cooling system installs easily into even cramped cases. It’s self-contained, has an external LCD display, audible alerts, and works with both Intel and AMD CPUs. The best part? It… Read More

  • Domino PCs!

    Some dude had nothing better to do, so he set up 86 PCs in a row and knocked them over in a domino effect. Yes, it’s a slow news day. Look at them fall! Read More

  • IBM Releases Lotus Notes, Domino Version 8

    I very rarely use Lotus Notes and Domino because I’ve only ever used MS Outlook in an office, but I’m sure plenty of you do, so you’ll be excited, I think, to know that Version 8 has finally been released. It’s been two years in the making, but the latest version was built on the open source Eclipse platform, which means mashups can link older apps with newer apps. … Read More