• IAB Calls on ICANN to Withdraw Controversial Plan for New Top-Level Domains

    IAB Calls on ICANN to Withdraw Controversial Plan for New Top-Level Domains

    The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is today calling on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to withdraw its controversial plan for new top-level domains. ICANN’s plan would significantly expand Top-Level Domains, allowing companies and brands to register just about any word they want as a top level domain (TLD). That means in addition to traditional TLDs… Read More

  • Security Breach: Here's How Expired Domains Expose You To Embarrassment (And Theft)

    As if you’re not scared enough of the Internet (and its potential to ravage your personal information), something comes along to make you even more paranoid. Just ask PlayStation users, or those that were on the receiving end of Firesheep’s eavesdropping. Today’s vulnerability du jour? Expired domains. The technical veterans among us are likely already familiar with this, but… Read More

  • Finally Acquired By Apple

    June 29th came and I thought to myself, “Surely Apple purchased from whoever owned the domain.” To my surprise, I found that was just a very shoddy “Web 1.0” page with links to unlocked phones of all sorts – a sort of primitive business front of some sorts. I figured Apple would just settle for not owning but boy was I… Read More

  • An End To Bank-related Phishing

    There’s no doubt that phishing has become a huge problem. If you legitimately bank online, use Paypal, or have an eBay account, it’s beyond my comprehension how you manage to tell the real e-mails and fake e-mails apart. But Mikko over at F-Secure has what seems like a foolproof plan to counter bank-related phishing scammers. Make a new top level domain called .bank. This new… Read More