Digital identities might be the best way to prove who you are online

There’s a lot of hype around owning your own digital identity, but there's a lot of growth needed to expand the sector and protect people.

WTF is .xyz?

If you’ve visited a crypto company’s website recently, you’ve probably visited a URL ending in “.xyz” instead of its cheugier counterpart, .com. From fintech Block, formerly known as Squ

Crunch Report | SpaceX Launches and Recovers another Rocket

SpaceX launches and recovers another rocket, GoDaddy tells Daily Stormer to find a new domain provider, Amazon refunds fake eclipse glasses and OpenAI bot beats masters of Dota 2. All this on Crunch R Is Shutting Down, Domain Name Not For Sale (For Now)

Daily deal community for website owners <a href=""></a> is shutting down. In an email sent out to its mailing list subscribers, founder Gonzo Arzuaga admits that the Goes Up For Sale

Domain name investment company <a href=""> Investments</a> is putting one of the most valuable single-word domains up for sale today: <a href=""><

.canon: Canon wants to establish its own top-level domain

<img src="" /> Megalomania or genius marketing move? Canon seriously takes aim at becoming the world's first company with its own ge