HyperX’s Revolver S is the right example for Dolby 7.1 gaming headsets

If you’re into the booming eSports scene, you’ve heard of HyperX. Their prevalence at professional gaming tournaments as the de facto gaming headphones for pros is difficult to deny, espec

Sennheiser’s PC 373D Dolby 7.1 gaming headphones sound best with it disabled

Sennheiser is great at doing a lot of things, namely in the audio space. Headphones, microphones and the like. When Sennheiser combines the two and creates a gaming headset, you'd expect it to be pret

VR audio startup Dysonics closes Series A led by Intel Capital

If you had the chance to watch the second episode of the new season of Black Mirror, you won’t take much convincing when people tell you how important realistic 3D audio is to immersing you in a

Ray Dolby, Father Of Modern Noise Reduction, Dead At 80

Ray Dolby, creator of the Dolby noise-reduction system that revolutionized recording, died on September 12, 2013. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and died of leukemia in his San Francisco home. He

Dolby Sues RIM Over Patent Infringement, Aims To Halt Sales Of BlackBerry Devices

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <strong>Breaking -</strong> <a href="">Dolby</a> has just <a href="

Dalby Announces Lighter, Sexier* 3D Glasses

<img src="" />Do you still go see movies in the theater? Well you're in luck. Dolby just announced lighter 3D glasses for y

Dolby Brings 5.1 Surround To Netflix On The PS3

<img src=""><a href="">Netflix</a> is one step closer to dominating the movie watc

Contest: Win the final laptop from HP and Dolby

We had huge response yesterday and I’m pleased to report that it was a rousing success. Today is the final contest and it’s a big one. It’s open to entrants worldwide, so even if you liv

CrunchGear and Dolby's amazing post-holiday giveaway: Three HP Pavilion Laptops with Dolby Advanced Audio

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, we spring this on you. HP and Dolby would like to give you one of three HP Pavilion dv6t Select Edition laptops complete with Blu-Ray player

Dolby Labs: Laptops should have surround sound too!

Dolby Laboratories, longtime industry leaders in theater and film audio, have set their gaze upon the PC entertainment side of things. Specifically, getting surround sound from a laptop or netbook. I

Dolby Digital Plus to land on mobile handsets "in the very near future"

<img src="" alt="" title="dolby_mobile" width="185" height="151" class="alignright size-full wp-image-140278" /></a>Just think, soo

French TV station implements world's first Dolby Digital Plus HD Terrestrial broadcast

A high-def picture is nothing without high-quality audio and a French TV station is the world’s first to broadcast a Dolby Digital Plus track over a terrestrial signal. The Dolby system is ideal

New Dolby voice communication tech: Axon

I talked with Dolby a bit at PAX and they seemed pretty excited about this stuff. They asked me what I thought needed to be improved about voice communication in a game. Essentially I told them that t

Dolby Pulse tries its hand at broadcast applications

The latest audio solution from Dolby Labs attempts to bring the Dolby experience to broadcast, mobile, PC and online mediums through the MPEG-4 HE-AAC open-standard audio codec. The sound geeks combin

Airfonix integrates Dolby into new wireless transmitter

Today Airfonix announced their AFX-19DD051 wireless transmitter for delivering wireless audio to the home theater. The two-channel transmitter with built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and Dolby

Dolby is all over IFA 2008

From the standard fare of receivers to gaming headsets, Dolby has invaded IFA this year. Harman Kardon is going to launch the first receiver with Dolby’s touted Volume technology that ensures co

LG, now with surround sound

LG, now with surround sound

Bumblebee rocks CES

I think Matt wet himself.

ASUS Xonar U1 external USB audio scrubber

These look like very old-school flying saucers, the broken down wobbly ones that low-income aliens fly. To be fair, such technology is still far more advanced than tooling around in a Honda Element al
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