PooTrap: For people who shouldn't own dogs in the first place

<img src="" alt="pootrap" />No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. This is the PooTrap, an elaborate apparatus that you strap to your dog. It holds

Dog? Check. Laptop? Check. Both in the same bag? Check.

<img src="" alt="pet at work" />I suppose that if you insist on being one of those people who carries your pet around in a backpack or purse, yo

Show the world you mean business with weiner dog ear buds

<img src="" alt="weiner" />Do you love weiner dogs? Like REALLY love them? Don't just say you love them to impress the internet.

Select Comfort’s ‘Sleep Number Pet Bed’

<img src="">If you’ve ever worried that you waste too much time on the internet, let me put those fears to rest with the following fact

Just another working clone dog

Cloning is back in fashion in South Korea, with two biotech labs billing themselves as the only places in the world where you can clone your dog. Both labs are staffed by researchers who worked with f

Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 2: Watch A.M.P., E.M.A. and other robots in action

In this year’s Tokyo Toy Show, robots of all kinds and sizes were abundant, the majority of which I found to be very creepy. Especially Sega’s gigantic Golden Retriever is a genuinely scar

Japanese company offers ringtones for dogs

Tokyo-based interactive content provider Dwango announced today [JP, PDF] the start of a download service of a very special kind. Now Japanese cell phone owners are able to get ringtones that are only

Crime-fighting dog found dead in Malaysia

Sad news, folks. Manny, a dog trained to sniff out pirated DVDs, has died in Malaysia. The AP is reporting that the dog “died of an unknown cause” and that Malaysian authorities don’t suspect fo

Video: Jerry the Dog's automatic "Let's play fetch!" machine created by lazy humans I should totally try to rig something like this up for my dog, Dogboy. I’m just really afraid my downstairs neighbors would hate me forever. Just imagi

Martha Stewart loves her some MacBook Air

Oh, Martha, is there anything you can’t do? You crochet doileys, make butter cake, and fire custom dildos for your friends in your outdoor kiln — all before 5am! Now you have a MacBook Air

Scientists develop dog bark-to-speech program

[photopress:astro.jpg,full,right] Apple did not release a dog bark-to-human speech device yesterday, but scientists in Hungary have developed something close to it. They’ve come up with a comput

JVC Booth Tour

JVC is reviving the name Victor in Japan, which is actually quite cool. Victor, if you’ll remember, was the gramophone maker that advertised with little dog who tilted his head to the speaker co

Thug Life: The Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

Waiting for the American justice system to run its course can be boring and tedious. If you’re looking for a little something to do while you wait, why not buy your dog a Michael Vick chew toy?

Ownd Cafe: 'Treat' Your Dog To An Oxygen Chamber

Yeah, he looks happy… Maybe if the Far East regulated itself a little better, dogs wouldn’t have to spend umpteen hours in this oxygen chamber, which I think is called the Ownd Cafe. It&#8

Weiner Dog Accent Lamp

Oh my. What do we have here? Could it be a Weiner Dog Accent Lamp that compliments the coffee table perfectly? Could be! It looks like a dog, but it’s really a lamp with a beautiful amber glow!

Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones

I just got back from SIA (the skiing and snowboarding trade show) in Vegas. Cool stuff was plentiful, and I ran across a tiny Brooklyn-based outfit called Lifepod that specializes in creative (and cre