• GoPro Fetch Review: You Will Envy Your Dog’s Work/Life Balance

    GoPro Fetch Review: You Will Envy Your Dog’s Work/Life Balance

    For you today, we have a video a little over six minutes long of a dog experiencing a happiness more pure than you or I will ever know. Please enjoy. Seriously, though, this footage caught using the new GoPro Fetch mount for canines during a holiday weekend cottage trip was only one small part of a much longer series that kept me and my family entertained for far, far too long. I’ve… Read More

  • Fetch Gives Your Dog A Comfortable Way To Lifelog With A GoPro

    Fetch Gives Your Dog A Comfortable Way To Lifelog With A GoPro

    People are already strapping GoPro action cameras to animals of all furs and feathers using various means, but a new mount called the Fetch from GoPro itself is designed to given them a comfortable, collar- and water-friendly harness to hold the camera, with adjustable fit for dogs of any size from 15 all the way up to 120 pounds. The $59.99 accessory includes two mounting locations, including… Read More

  • Bowlingual: iPhone app translates what your dog barks, posts it to Twitter

    Do you remember the Bowlingual, the portable dog language translator that was released in Japan last year? The basic concept behind the $250 device (which people living outside Japan can get here) will soon be used for an iPhone app that translates what a dog “says” into human language and emoticons in real-time. Read More

  • Choken Bako: Cute Japanese piggy bank

    Japan sure has a thing for weird piggy banks, as we blogged many times in the past. And now Happinet, a company belonging to the Bandai Namco group, is ready to roll out a dog-themed model. Needless to say, this one’s quite unique, too. Read More

  • "Bowlingual": Portable dog language translator (video)

    Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy claims it has developed a device that can translate what a dog “says” into human language and emoticons in real time. And the so-called “Bowlingual” [JP] isn’t being marketed as a (pure) gag product. Jointly developed with an acoustics research laboratory and a veterinarian, the Bowlingual works wirelessly (your dog must wear a… Read More

  • 30cm: The world's biggest cell phone strap is a cute husky

    Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is currently running a summer marketing campaign [JP], using gift certificates, coupons and (almost certainly) the biggest cell phone strap on the planet to attract customers. The strap, a stuffed husky standing 30cm tall, is limited to 30,000 units. Read More

  • Puppy-shaped speakers prove not all USB dogs have to hump or crunch to be cute

    Humping or crunching USB dogs are out. The newest fad (at least in Japan) is owning puppy-shaped and USB-powered speakers [JP] for your computer. They are brought to you by Japan Trust Technology (what a name), a Tokyo-based Thanko competitor that has just released a USB-powered mini Zen garden. Read More

  • Vladimir Putin's dog gets a satellite collar; now ruled over by a rolled up iron newspaper

    The days of running free are over for Koni. The most powerful dog in Russia, perhaps the world has she could kick Barney’s presidential tail any day, now has her own 6 ounce GPS-like collar. Russia’s GLONASS satellites will provide the Prime Minister with 24/7 info about his beloved dog. I actually don’t know if he loves her, but who doesn’t love black labs? I mean… Read More

  • The Dog Wan robot will watch, assist and nurse you

    About three months ago, I blogged an ugly and clumsy robotic dog a Japanese company demonstrated to the press in this country as a prototype. But now, after about 4 months in development, said robot is not only technically ready but it also made a leap forward in terms of cuteness. Osaka-based Daisen Denshi Kogyo [JP] named its creation Dog Wan (“Wan” means bow-wow in Japanese but… Read More

  • Track your hunting dog with the Garmin GPS Dog Collar

    If you are an avid hunter that uses hunting dogs the DC 300 GPS dog tracking Collar from Garmin might be the new toy your looking for. You simply attach the collar to your dog and it communicates with your (if you happen to have one) Astro 220. The device tells you your dog’s position ever 5 seconds for 17 hours. You can improve the battery life by setting it to broadcast every 30… Read More