Dodocase’s SmartVR is an ultra-portable Cardboard viewer that’s actually durable

Within the next month, a pair of the most highly hyped VR headsets are getting ready to launch. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are both expensive, powerful pieces of hardware that will likely see adop

DODOcase’s Apple Watch Accessories Have You Covered At Home And Away

Of the companies betting on Apple Watch’s third-party ecosystem as a source of consumer interest, DODOcase might be one of the most aggressive out of the gate. The company has launched two Apple

Inside DODOcase, Where Modern Tech Accessories Are Made The Old Fashioned Way

Welcome to a new episode of <a href="">TechCrunch Cribs</a>, the video series that takes you inside where the offices where all the tech industry magic happens to

DODOcase Releases DODOnotes, A Little Notebook For Your iPhone

I like little notebooks. I need a place for my introspective musings. Moleskine notebooks are fine. But now there's <a target="_blank" href="">DODOnotes</a

DODOcase Introduces Custom Builder, Lets You Go All Artisanal Bookbinder On Your iPad Case

You may not know this but I was an English literature major in college, so books are things I'm fond of. But I'm also a tech lover, so I generally read on either an iPad or a Kindle. Cases like the on

Zazzle Partners with Dodocase To Offer An iPad Case That’s Sturdy, Old-Fashioned — And Customizable

Custom product company <a target="_blank" href="">Zazzle</a> just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it's teaming up

DODOcase Releases Handsome Handmade iPhone 5, iPad and MacBook Sleeves

The venerable DODOcase is expanding its stately collection of iThing cases to include sleeves. These cases, DODOcase calls them <a target="_blank" href="">D

The Redesigned Dodocase Is Stronger, Better Suited For The New iPad

The <a target="_blank" href="">Doodcase</a> has long been one of TechCrunch's favorite iPad cases. However, the case's secret sauce, a handmade bamboo frame, is infamous for cr

DODOcase For The Kindle Fire Is Ready To Disguise Amazon’s Tab As A Hardbound Book

The Kindle Fire is a hit. Amazon shipped millions of the budget tabs over the last few weeks and will surely ship million more. But all those Fires shouldn't go unprotected. Enter <a href="http://www.

DODOcase Adds Monogramming, Auto Wake/Sleep Magnet To Their iPad 2 Cases

Dodocase makes fantastic iPad and Kindle cases using traditional book binding techniques and equipment. They're just great. The San Francisco-based company recently upgraded their offering with severa

Dodocase Puts Out Some J. Crew Exclusive iPad 2 Cases

If you’ve ever looked around for an iPad case, you’ve probably checked out Dodocase. We like this solid, book-like case, and you probably would too. And now there’s a slightly new va

Contest: Get You A Rex Ray Edition Dodocase!

Did you see that sweet new designer Dodocase this morning, the one with the Rex Ray art on it? No? Well click here then, and come back when you’re done. See, isn’t that cool? You probably

Rex Ray Dodocase, For Art-Lovin' iPad 2 Owners

<img src="" />We've always been fans of the <a href="">Dodocase</a>, the well-crafted case for i

Dodocase Does The BlackBerry PlayBook

You should know the name Dodocase by now. They make one of the finest cases for the iPad or Kindle using traditional book binding techniques and material. Now they have a BlackBerry Playbook version d

Dodocase Outs New Cases For The iPad 2 Including A Swanky Limited Edition

Dodocase is one of our favorite iPad and Kindle case makers and it was only a matter of time before they do up the iPad 2 in their trademark bookbinding style. The standard case looks and costs the sa

Giveaway: Win A Valentine’s Day Edition Dodocase

<img src="">Valentine's Day is two Mondays away. This means you have about two weeks of procrastination and/or sho

Review: DODOcase for the iPad

Short Version: The Dodocase is about as close to perfection as iPad cases get. The materials are beautiful, and the craftsmanship is spectacular. It has a few quirks inherent to the materials used —

DODOcase Now Available For The Kindle (Finally!)

DODOcase happens to be one of our fav iPad cases and so we’re more than pleased to pass along word that there’s now a Kindle case done up in the same handmade style. The Kindle case is ava

The iPad DODOcase wins our hearts and money

<img src=""><a href="">iPad</a> case designers? You're done. Pack up and go home. We don't need you