• DODOcase Adds Monogramming, Auto Wake/Sleep Magnet To Their iPad 2 Cases

    DODOcase Adds Monogramming, Auto Wake/Sleep Magnet To Their iPad 2 Cases

    Dodocase makes fantastic iPad and Kindle cases using traditional book binding techniques and equipment. They’re just great. The San Francisco-based company recently upgraded their offering with several welcomed features. First off, the iPad 2 cases now ship with a tiny magnet hidden in the liner to automatically toggle the tab’s wake/sleep function. This is a feature that… Read More

  • Dodocase Puts Out Some J. Crew Exclusive iPad 2 Cases

    If you’ve ever looked around for an iPad case, you’ve probably checked out Dodocase. We like this solid, book-like case, and you probably would too. And now there’s a slightly new variety, a collaboration with J. Crew. The primary change appears to be a switch to a more canvas-like material. It’s for the iPad 2 only, so I’m left out of the party, sadly. You can… Read More

  • Contest: Get You A Rex Ray Edition Dodocase!

    Did you see that sweet new designer Dodocase this morning, the one with the Rex Ray art on it? No? Well click here then, and come back when you’re done. See, isn’t that cool? You probably want one now. And we want to give you one! Here’s how. Read More

  • Rex Ray Dodocase, For Art-Lovin' iPad 2 Owners

    We’ve always been fans of the Dodocase, the well-crafted case for iPad, Kindle, and likely some other stuff soon. Their new iPad 2 line looks to be as good as the original we reviewed, but it’s possible that for some, the design is a bit too understated. Solution? Get an artist like Rex Ray to make a splashy, original design for the thing. Read More

  • Dodocase Does The BlackBerry PlayBook

    You should know the name Dodocase by now. They make one of the finest cases for the iPad or Kindle using traditional book binding techniques and material. Now they have a BlackBerry Playbook version done up in the same classy digs. It’s much of the same with a bamboo frame to hold the PlayBook in place and different color linen linings. The case was under the Built For BlackBerry… Read More

  • Dodocase Outs New Cases For The iPad 2 Including A Swanky Limited Edition

    Dodocase is one of our favorite iPad and Kindle case makers and it was only a matter of time before they do up the iPad 2 in their trademark bookbinding style. The standard case looks and costs the same as the original — that’s not a bad thing. But the company also just announced a limited edition for those with a tad more cash available and looking for something truly unique. Read More

  • Giveaway: Win A Valentine’s Day Edition Dodocase

    Valentine’s Day is two Mondays away. This means you have about two weeks of procrastination and/or shopping until Sunday, the 13th hits and you’re forced to buy something lame from Sears. Solution: Win this very limited edition iPad Dodocase from us. That way you can either spend more cash on that evening’s festivities or buy Dead Space 2. You’re call. We’re just… Read More

  • Review: DODOcase for the iPad

    Short Version: The Dodocase is about as close to perfection as iPad cases get. The materials are beautiful, and the craftsmanship is spectacular. It has a few quirks inherent to the materials used — but as long as you know what you’re buying, you’ll be happy. Also, this case could probably get you laid. Read More

  • DODOcase Now Available For The Kindle (Finally!)

    DODOcase happens to be one of our fav iPad cases and so we’re more than pleased to pass along word that there’s now a Kindle case done up in the same handmade style. The Kindle case is available starting today for $49.95 with a red lining and $54.99 for any other color choice. Just like the iPad flavor, the Kindle one is handmade in SanFran through classic bookbinding techniques… Read More

  • The iPad DODOcase wins our hearts and money

    iPad case designers? You’re done. Pack up and go home. We don’t need you anymore. Yup, even you Vaja. The handmade DODOcase just put you out of business. Read More